Owning Oduwacoin was never this easy. It used to be Complex. Now it is ‘Simplex.’.

Sheridan, Wyoming, 16 March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Simplex is excited to partner with Oduwa Blockchain Solutions LLC  to launch Oduwacoin, the 1st Pan-African indigenous cryptocurrency with its native blockchain designed to empower people of African descent and underserved communities worldwide.

Together, they have made Oduwacoin available for seamless purchase using a debit or credit card.


SIMPLEX is a renowned Fintech company, a licensed financial institution that empowers its vast network of partners to accept the widest range of payment methods, including Visa. Mastercard  Apple Pay, Swift, SEPA, and more. They also provide online Cryptocurrency merchants with payment processing. Simplex has 115 Fiat currencies and 150 Cryptocurrencies on its platform. They are the Fiat/Crypto infrastructure for the entire world.

Oduwacoin Break Barriers.

Oduwacoin, the new hope for Africa, is making its voice heard in the crypto community and changing how Africa does business with the rest of the world. A cryptocurrency designed with underserved communities in mind. Oduwacoin was created in 2018. The intention was to integrate the commoner into cryptocurrency, especially in Africa, where anyone from anywhere with a cell phone or internet can access the global digital economy with no fees. Many crypto enthusiasts are saying Oduwacoin is 2022’s new rising cryptocurrency to succeed like Bitcoin.

The CEO and President of Oduwa Blockchain Solutions, Mr. Bright Enabulele, says, “Great men are not simple but do simple things”.

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