OG launches the first phase of its one-stop community exchange, OG Playground

Singapore, 3rd April 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, OG announces the launch of OG Playground, the company’s first of many steps to serve the growing community of traders invested in digital assets. Focused on expanding its community, OG is leveraging its experience in operating a web3 infrastructure of products and services for creators, collectors, and traders. OG Playground aims to provide an open space for the digital asset community to exchange ideas and access important intel previously only available to exclusive trading groups known as alpha channels. The company envisions itself as a community exchange, or a one-stop experience for traders to exchange ideas, gather time-sensitive market intel, and trade digital assets. Currently, though, the company’s main objective is to consolidate the fragmented digital asset community through its first major campaign: The Crypto Whisperer.

Initially, OG launched as a tool on Discord, a popular communication channel for the web3 community, and quickly expanded into a platform used by 870,000 creators, collectors, and traders in the span of several months. OG’s products and services ranged from a real-time analytics dashboard for creators and collectors to a robust set of tools for those creators to manage their communities at each stage of their project’s growth. At the height of the meteoric rise of web3 projects in late 2021 to mid-2022, OG covered a wide spectrum of services to enhance the web3 experience. In mid-2022, the management team at OG decided to expand the scope of its platform to all digital assets. Due to the company’s interaction with web3 community members, they noticed a gap in the digital asset ecosystem: information was fragmented and unreliable, and often slow. OG identified the trading experience as one of the most affected areas by this fragmented ecosystem of digital assets. According to the OG team, before a trader enters a position on a popular exchange like Binance, that trader will check Telegram, a popular chat app used by alpha groups, scroll through several Discord channels, skim through several articles on crypto news outlets, and search through trending hashtags on Twitter. The team argued that this is common among many traders who often miss out on time sensitive market entry and exit points. 

Envisioning a world in which traders have access to the same intel and tools as seasoned professional traders, the team at OG has spent the past several months building OG Playground, a community portal for the digital asset community. With a soft opening in mid-March, the company is ready to fully launch OG to the general public. OG Playground features aggregated market intelligence organized into topics, which include but are not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BAYC, Crypto Punks, and more. Users on OG can also post within those topics to exchange ideas, pose questions, and share research. In addition, AI-based aggregators crawl through various web sources to identify trending issues, such as the recent downfall of Silicon Valley Bank, and will instantly notify OG users as well as create a topic section for them. Users will also be able to discuss the potential impact of those trending issues on their portfolio and strategize collectively to hedge any potential risks. 

OG Playground was built to help the average trader by providing information that is reliable, fast, and relevant. According to a member of the management team, “Everyone in this space knows that ‘being alpha’ is everything in this space and, up to this point, only the ‘whales’, or major players, have had an advantage. Now it’s our chance to even the playing field.” The team also shared what it plans to do in the near future. OG aims to create a seamless experience for digital asset traders. The team believes that most traders experience digital assets in a fragmented ecosystem where information is scattered and most exchanges are difficult to use. OG plans on tackling these pain points by creating a one-stop community exchange featuring a digital asset community connected directly to a digital asset exchange. Currently, though, the company is prioritizing the growth of its digital asset community.

The Crypto Whisperer is OG’s first major campaign for the digital asset community. The event is a 30-day challenge where users on OG will choose between 3 randomly selected cryptocurrencies each day and determine if the price of that cryptocurrency will go up or down. Although there are rewards for the event, the team’s main objective of the event is to bring the community together. The Crypto Whisperer begins on April 3rd. OG Playground and The Crypto Whisperer can be accessed seamlessly via both web and mobile web platforms.

About OG

OG is a community for digital asset traders launched by OG, a company previously known for operating a web3 infrastructure used by over 870,000 creators, collectors, and traders. With OG Playground, the platform aims to consolidate the fragmented digital asset community by providing an experience for traders to exchange ideas, gather time-sensitive market intel, and trade digital assets. OG Playground features aggregated market intelligence organized into topics and allows users to post within those topics to exchange ideas, share insights, and more. In the future, the company plans on creating a seamless experience for traders through a one-stop community exchange where users can share market intelligence and trade digital assets without leaving their browsers.

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Published On: April 3, 2023