NY, USA, 4th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, In the past decade, consumer confidence in home warranty products has been severely undermined by bad press and bad practices. Highly publicized court cases about how home warranty companies don’t honor claims and hide behind excessive terms and conditions have created widespread discomfort. 

An insurmountable problem remains, though: homeowners cannot always afford to cover the cost of repairing or replacing major items in their homes. Regardless of age, demographic, or whether it’s a first home or fifth home, having enough cash on hand to pay directly for a disaster is not a common dynamic. So, if home warranty companies can’t be trusted, but homeowners still need the protection, what are their options? 

One home warranty company was founded in direct response to this question. Elite Home Warranty was launched as a practical, flexible, customer-first solution. In a world of home warranty companies that seek to confuse or even deceive, they provide crystal clear contracts and the most advanced customization in the market. 

Bringing Clear Terms and Conditions 

A huge accusation levied against home warranty companies in the last few years has been that the terms and conditions are simply too hard to understand. All home warranty agreements have caps on coverage. That makes sense. But when those caps are a sliding scale, subject to aggregates, and dependent on a myriad of contingencies, the water gets really muddy. For the average homeowner, none of this is clear until they try to file a claim. They may get denied or delayed, and not realize there were extra costs or that they are ineligible for coverage in that specific instance. All this adds up to major frustration and erodes all of the benefits home warranties are meant to provide. 

In the same context, Elite Home Warranty has found a way to provide clear and definite terms and conditions. They go out of their way to be authentic, even when it’s evident that there will be occasions in which coverage is simply not possible. This level of leading with honesty is virtually unheard-of in the home warranty market. But EHW has decided it’s worth it. Building trust is just one of their key differentiators, and they’re sticking to it at all costs. 

Homeowner Choice for Coverage 

Another major complaint against home warranty companies is that they offer limited options. Even when there are a lot of “add-on” options, homeowners are typically constrained to choosing appliance coverage, systems coverage, or a preset combo plan that includes coverage for both. Here, the fine print is also in play, with homeowners not realizing that additional charges get added on for every new item, and customization may come at a steep (unforeseen) cost. 

Elite Home Warranty has decided to let homeowners choose, with plans starting with as little as one item in a home. They offer the least restrictions on coverage of any other home warranty company in the country. This means that older appliances may be covered, older systems may be eligible, and no inspections are required before the deal can be sealed. 

No More Shady Practices 

The idea of putting the homeowner-first isn’t a new one. Customer-centricity is top-of-mind in a lot of companies. This is because customers have more options than ever to air their grievances, share stories, and report on company behavior. But the truth is, even with the megaphone of the internet, many of the practices behind standard home warranty companies are on the down low. Again, until something goes wrong, most homeowners would never know something is amiss. 

Elite Home Warranty has decided to lead with integrity, regardless of the fallout. They don’t have to describe their plans in full detail and plain English, but they do. They don’t have to offer expansive customizations, include electronics, or offer more add-ons and options than any other company, but they do. They don’t have to put service fee charges or other possible costs front-and-center, but they do. This isn’t because there is a risk of being found out: it’s because it’s the right thing to do. 

Companies like this are setting an example, opting for visibility in a market where there’s money to be made in the shadows. It’s kind of a huge deal to watch a company operate this way, and it’s why Elite Home Warranty has experienced meteoric growth and is active in 43 states within the first year of operation. This is what homeowners want: a company they can trust, with services that actually benefit them when they need it most.

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