Tokyo, Japan, 1st May, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Today, the cryptocurrency industry is bursting forth, and the DeFi market isn’t exempted. Investors can make money easily by locking their tokens for a period of time. Although the concept of DeFi has made life easy in different ways, it still leaves many drawbacks that affect the industry.

As the cryptocurrency market experiences more all-time highs, we see the influx of new investors into the market. Undoubtedly, DeFi offers great opportunities to make money, especially for early investors. However, for later entrants who have simply joined the back wagon of cryptocurrency because of the widespread popularity, there is the issue of buying tokens above the actual price or value.

A crucial reason for this challenge is the unavoidability of a value bubble, resulting in the price bursting and future collapse of the project. When you hear about a value bubble, it means the price increase of a token isn’t related to the fundamental value of that coin. How can both early and late investors get the actual value of a token? That is what PROMISE wants to help the cryptocurrency industry solve.

What is PROMISE?

PROMISE is the first BEP20 token based on trust. The token promises an endless, increasing price since everyone who has access to the PROMISE token can promise to keep it for at least 15 days. The platform has a Wall of Honor where holders who hold the token for a more extended period are ranked and inducted. However, investors who couldn’t keep their promise are placed on the Wall of Shame with the community mocking them.

What makes PROMISE unique?

The PROMISE project is uniquely designed to be a self-generating yield and liquidity protocol that reward its holders who hold their token for 14 days. However, the longer an investor holds its token, the greater the rewards. Besides this, there are opportunities to participate in

  • Lottery pool
  • Charity, and
  • Burning votes

PROMISE keeping the promise!

With so many promises made every day, this promise is different! With the guarantee of continuously price increase of this token, it now stands at +500% gains for the pasts 7 days and “promises” to continue to make the rapid move with so high on potential.

How to Buy PROMISE on PancakeSwap

If you are new to trading, you need to download the Trust Wallet app and install it on your phone to buy the PROMISE token. Then log into your Binance account and buy the Binance coin if you don’t have it in your Binance wallet. Now to buy the PROMISE token, you need to swap your Binance coin.

  • Go to homepage and connect to your wallet.
  • Under the “From” section, enter the amount and select “Smart Chain BNB,” while under the “To,” you need to copy the PROMISE contract address – 0xcbcCf14B051947BDcd1E20b77015208a1AD5EA25 and paste on it.
  • Then click on Swap, and the particular PROMISE amount will reflect in your wallet.

About Promise

Promise is the world’s first BEP20 token based on trust. Our token guarantees a continuously increasing price because everyone who holds the Promise token makes a promise to hold it for at least 15 days.

The longest holders will be honored with glory and shown on the top list of the Wall of Honor, while others who don’t keep their promise will end up on the Wall of Shame and be mocked by the community.

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