Pario Ventures continues to invest in the Automotive and Mobility sectors and creates fund focused on early stage startups.

London, UK, 9 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Founded way back in 2010 by entrepreneurs and long-time friends David Murray-Hundley and Kevin Doyle, Pario Ventures has previously built a small portfolio of investments based in the UK and US. David Murray-Hundley was also previously involved in the Covisint Automotive Marketplace founded by Commerce One, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.

“Recent investments have been in Atlis Motor Vehicles(recently valued at $385m), Sono Motors(recently valued at £830m), Overland-e, Eli Electric Vehicles and Riversimple. We have also invested into numerous car subscription  and ownership platforms within the UK, clean energy and are considering a number of investment options on the infrastructure side for the sector” says David Murray-Hundley co-founder.

“We are unusually going against our usual investment stratgery in that previously we tend to be at scale or large scale stage but finding the valuations crazy skyhigh but the same not happening at early stage. Early stage in the UK are still finding it very hard in this sector to raise funds and so we want to try and support that gap in the UK”

“I have a personal interest in the sector, having watched Volkswagen Group grow since I was a boy and my family involvement along with also ties to established motorsport brands. Back in 2017 I created the Automotive Tech London Advocate workgroup and have seen a real shift in areas, some areas very much accelerated by events of 2020/21. I think we are just at the start of an exciting era in Automotive, Mobility but also how consumers relationships are with vehicles “

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Published On: September 9, 2021