Phlebotomy on Wheels Is the Leading Mobile Lab Service for Commercial and Residential Clients in Maryland

Mobile Blood Sample Draw and Collection Services in Maryland Through Phlebotomy on Wheels

Perry Hall, MD, 29th November 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Phlebotomy on Wheels is the leading provider of mobile blood testing in Maryland and the surrounding states of Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. While a standard procedure, it is necessary to have skilled technicians for phlebotomy. We can prevent injuries, improve the quality of the sample, and provide the convenience patients need.

Blood testing can be quick and easy with Phlebotomy on Wheels; you don’t have to leave your house or visit a lab for your blood test. Our technicians will come to your home, perform the phlebotomy, and take the sample to the lab; it ensures quick results for all patients. Any patients who can’t leave home, such as someone who is too ill or old, can still get high-quality blood testing by skilled personnel. Our affordable services help you ensure safety.

For commercial clients looking for blood testing, our team of skilled technicians is available in groups for mass testing. This ensures quick testing while standing firm on quality for all our patients.

Our team of expert practitioners adheres to the highest standards of care and takes all necessary precautions to protect our patients. We provide a wide variety of services to make sure our patients can get all they need from one place, including stat draws, routine draws, standing orders, saliva kits, stool specimen kits, special kits, paternity testing, glucose tolerance, 24-hour and routine urine collection, pediatric heel sticks, and blood draws, and pick-up and delivery for specimens.

We have a unique specimen collection and billing system that allows for quick turnarounds. Currently, Phlebotomy on Wheels ensures patients and physicians have the convenience and flexibility they need from mobile blood draw services to speed up the healthcare process.

About Phlebotomy on Wheels

Phlebotomy on Wheels was launched in 2013 to give back to the community, providing convenient and affordable healthcare without compromising service quality. With almost a decade of working tirelessly to provide stellar services, Phlebotomy on Wheels has helped hundreds of patients with blood testing.

Homebound patients find it inconvenient to go to local labs for blood tests, cannot contact labs, or deliver specimens had no alternative option. Phlebotomy on Wheels filled the gap and offered patients ease. Your convenience is our priority, and our skilled team of professional technicians delivers the highest possible quality of service.

We have made it our mission to Drive to Provide Quality Services for all our patients. Phlebotomy on Wheels continues to focus on top quality with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to all patients.

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Published On: November 29, 2022