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Gujarat, India, 27th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The world is indeed full of beautiful destinations and thrilling adventures that one needs to experience once in their lifetime. These stunning tourist attractions introduce the hidden beauty of the world and let you see it from a new perspective. If you want to make your vacation more interesting and planning to travel abroad, Travel Takatak has the best solution for you. Introducing the luxurious destinations of the world, Travel Takatak is proved to be the best tour operator in Ahmedabad for international packages. The packages introduced will let the tourists explore the destinations at their best and make the trip more exciting than ever. This time, the Travel Takatak is going to introduce entwining destinations of Dubai, Maldives, Phuket, and Krabi to make the best out of your international trip.

Travel Takatak is renowned as the best platform in the travel industry that offers the best travel services without any worries. The travel company is proliferating since its inception and is fairly a young entity with receptive to new ideas. They are dedicated to making the travel experience comfortable and secure with top-quality services. The travel company also offers memorable trips to both domestic and international destinations. The company’s goal is to introduce preferred, innovative, and trusted travel services all around the globe. With such great vision and aim, they are dedicated to making your trip memorable for a lifetime.

“When it comes to planning an international trip this summer, people often tend to confuse and decide where they should head to. We totally understand it is quite bothering to decide about the destination. That’s why we are going to introduce splendid international destinations including Dubai, Maldives, Phuket, and Krabi. These tourist attractions will make your summers more refreshing and entwining without any worries. We encourage aware tourists to explore the destinations with a new perspective. These attractions will help them to understand more about the world and feel the peaceful aura”, said Mr. Dip Shah, founder of Travel Takatak.

Splendid International Destinations to Explore in Summer

Get ready and take a look at the brief overview of these stunning destinations to make the best out of your vacations. Know more about the stunning tourist attractions to make your vacation memorable and get indulge in the true essence of the destinations.


When it comes to spending a relaxing and amazing vacation, most people want to explore the Maldives. But before traveling to the Maldives, one needs to keep some tips in mind to get the best out of your Maldives trip. Having nearly 1190 volcanic and coral islands dotted across the Indian Ocean; the place is often considered one of the best romantic getaways to adore tropical beauty. The pristine seawater in which lurks the shoal of fishes and other marine creatures. Maldives Travel tips are important as you will be busy on the snowy white beaches. The Maldives trip will give you the best vacation experience and break from the hustle-bustle of daily life.


Dubai, the luxurious region of the United Emirates, allures party animals and night owls from every nook and corner of the globe. After sunset, Dubai is a myriad of shining lights that change the city to look like beautiful fireflies in a jar. Dubai introduces a whole new world at night which captures numerous tourists to its doorsteps. The magic of exploring Dubai after the sunset is so magical and frequented by tourists who visit the city for the stunning nightlife and modernized architecture. Are you confused about what to explore in Dubai at night? Well, there are various tourist attractions in Dubai that offer the best of Dubai’s nightlife. Get indulge in exciting experiences such as Desert Safari, Fountain Shows, Clubbing, Shopping, late-night sightseeing, and much more. Make the best out of your Dubai night trip without any worries.


Phuket is bestowed with several spellbinding tourist attractions which will make your trip unforgettable for a lifetime. The destination is bejeweled with shining golden beaches, vibrant shoreline with relaxing shacks, adventurous water activities, amusement parks, and audacious nightlife which make it a loveable destination among tourists. There are various tourist attractions in Phuket that will help you to beat the scorching heat.


If you are a nature lover and wanted to spend your vacations amidst the freshness of lush greenery, then Krabi is the best place for you. The natural environment of the destination along with the picturesque scenery, calm environment, and serene weather make it a beautiful paradise to explore with the best international tour packages. No matter if you are on a family trip, group tour, or solo trip, Krabi will make your vacation more interesting.

It is just a trailer; there are various amazing things to explore during your vacation. If you are interested to explore the serene beauty of the world and making the best out of your vacation, plan your trip with the best travel agent in Ahmedabad, Travel Takatak, and end up exploring the hidden charm of stunning destinations.

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