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Maharashtra, India, 4th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, With a world full of fascinating destinations to travel to, choosing the perfect destination for a memorable vacation can be proved to be a challenge. Planning new adventures is always a thrill, but when it comes to exploring the scenic beauty of nature with some thrilling adventures, there are plenty of options to explore. Some of the destinations which will make your vacations picturesque and enthralling include Thailand, Maldives, Dubai, Kashmir, North East, and Himachal. But before planning a trip to these destinations, one should know a little more about them. If you are planning to explore these stunning attractions and make your vacation memorable for a lifetime, Shubhay Tours is here to help you out.

Shubhay Tours is proved to be the best tour operator in Mumbai for international and domestic packages and promises a memorable trip experience for a lifetime. They take good care of the customers’ needs and requirements and customize the package accordingly. The goal of the company is to make people explore beautiful destinations with an entirely new perspective and unleash the hidden truth. You don’t need to worry about anything, you just have to tell them your trip idea and the rest will be handled by them. There are various beautiful international and domestic destinations that can be best explored with Shubhay Tours.

“The serene and divine beauty of nature often gets ignored and people are not able to make the best out of their trip. For that, we are going to introduce Thailand, Maldives, Dubai, Kashmir, North East, and Himachal to introduce the sensuous side of the world. We believe that while exploring any destination it is important to know everything about it and witness each nook and corner to have the best vacation experience. That’s why we encourage aware tourists to explore the destinations with a new perspective. These attractions will help them to understand more about the world and feel the peaceful aura”, said team Shubhay Tours.

Stunning Destinations to Plan Your Vacation

Know more about the stunning tourist attractions to make your vacation memorable and get indulge with the true essence of the destinations. Here is the brief information about the destination from Shubhay Tours which will make your vacation picturesque:


Among all the South Asian Destinations, Thailand is considered to be the most popular tourist attraction among tourists from all over the world. The beautiful destination greets each type of tourist with great enthusiasm. Whether you are a nature lover, history freak, or adventure enthusiast, there are various destinations to explore in Thailand that will cater to all the vacation needs of tourists. Unpredictably lavish and mesmerizingly beautiful, there are amazing destinations to visit in Thailand.


When it comes to spending a relaxing and amazing vacation, most people want to explore the Maldives. But before traveling to the Maldives, one needs to keep some tips in mind to get the best out of your Maldives trip. Having nearly 1190 volcanic and coral islands dotted across the Indian Ocean; the place is often considered as one of the best romantic getaways to adore tropical beauty. The pristine seawater in which lurks the shoal of fishes and other marine creatures. Maldives Travel tips are important as you will be busy at the snowy white beaches. The Maldives trip will give you the best vacation experience and break from the hustle-bustle of daily life.


Dubai, the luxurious region of the United Emirates, allures party animals and night owls from every nook and corner of the globe. After sunset, Dubai is a myriad of shining lights that change the city to look like beautiful fireflies in the jar. Dubai introduces a whole new world at night which captures numerous tourists to its doorsteps. The magic of exploring Dubai after the sunset is so magical and frequented by tourists who visit the city for the stunning nightlife and modernized architecture. Are you confused about what to explore in Dubai at night? Well, there are various tourist attractions in Dubai that offer the best of Dubai’s nightlife. Get indulge in exciting experiences such as Desert Safari, Fountain Shows, Clubbing, Shopping, late-night sightseeing, and much more. Make the best out of your Dubai night trip without any worries.


It has been said that every tourist attraction in the world has its own feeling. Some places are traveled, some are explored, and some destinations are lived. But when it comes to Kashmir, the essence of its true beauty can only be felt. The alluring beauty and charm will be etched in your memory forever. To get the best out of this beautiful heaven, you should not just explore the destination, but also indulge in the thrilling experience. It is the only way to witness what these beautiful valleys have to offer to their distinguished guests. Kashmir is undoubtedly the most gorgeous destination in India and if you want to explore the divine paradise on Earth, it is the best place to be at.

North East

North-East India tourism flaunts the places of beauty where nature nourishes the surroundings with all its glory and charm. Nestled amidst the numerous hilltops and scenic meadows, the beautiful destinations to explore in North East will paint a picture that the tourists need to explore to believe. The picturesque and serene vistas can make you want to share them with your loved and dear ones. With the clouds floating right by your side, and the sun rising amidst the pristine valleys, North East holds unique and extravagant experiences for its guests. From the beauty of the North East to the exciting activities, there are numerous things to explore in the region with the best travel agent in Mumbai.


Bestowed with the bounty of nature, Himachal is divine heaven on the Earth. Bounded by snowy white beauty and enriched with the grandeur of the Himalayas, the pretty northern state is vouched as one of the most famous hill stations in the country. The beautiful destination promises surreal valleys that embark the tourists on an unblemished journey of paradise and an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. The valleys are one of the best options to get indulge in trekking and other adventurous activities with the best Himachal packages. The valleys are bound to offer an out-of-the-world travel experience that not only quenches the thirst for some adrenaline rush activities but also offers the panoramic beauty that is difficult to ignore. So, all the travel bugs get ready to enjoy the valleys of Himachal.

These are just a few names from the amazing attractions of the world and there lie some other attractions too. If you are interested to explore the serene beauty of the world and making the best out of your vacation, plan your trip with the best travel agent for international and domestic packages, Shubhay Tours, and end up exploring the hidden charm of stunning destinations.

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