• 2021 is considered the year of GameFi in the crypto industry. Tokens of the most popular games grew by thousands of percent during the year thanks to only hype. But what if the market has a game with a sustainable business model? Read more to figure out the innovative NFTcraft solution.

Tallinn, Estonia, 15 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Sometimes some users lose money along with the way they lose the value of the NFT they mined. An NFT object displayed on the marketplace for a decent amount of money doesn’t find its buyer, and the player cannot recoup the cost of entering the game or buying an NFT. Users buy and sell NFTs – this is the basis for the main earnings of GameFi players. The cost of NFTs in some games reaches several thousand dollars, but do they reflect the real value of the object? Not a fact.

Recently, games with in-game NFTs backed by real value have started to appear on the market. For example, the recently presented NFTcraft P2E game about space dwarves is unique, because 100% of in-game NFTs are backed by Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

How does it work? All NFTs in NFTcraft are supported by the Ethereum Farm Fund, which receives 90% of the initial NFT sale and 2% of each resale. Link to the security contract. When players purchase NFT characters, their funds are sent to the Ethereum pool. During the game, all funds from the ETH fund participate in Yield Farming in Aave and Compound.

The main mission of any NFTcraft player is to get as much Radiant (RAD) as possible. Unique NFT space dwarves help in this. Dwarves mine Radiant on the islands. In accordance with the extracted Radiant and the player’s share in the Ethereum pool increases.

The game ends when ETH reaches a certain level. At this point, all players will receive ETH from the pool in accordance with the share of the extracted Radiant. This is the unique Play-to-Earn model of NFTcraft. Users increase their income with the growth of Ethereum, and also have their pool share, owning secured NFTs. This NFTcraft game tokenomics solves the problem of unsecured and unclaimed NFTs.

The game already has an active community of thousands members and social media: Telegram news channel, Twitter and Discord.

The digital economy can become viable and self-sufficient. As the game universes expand, games start to include truly profitable assets. For example, a player can buy land in the virtual world and build a casino where other players can play using their tokens. Thanks to the use of blockchains with DApps support, GameFi applications also open up unlimited opportunities for users to create something truly new and unique.

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