Vietnam, 23 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, I have been preparing for the PMP exam for two months while working, and I have already passed the PMP exam(best exam prep).

I’m very happy, so I’ll send a little bit of my thoughts to the PMP candidates who will take the exam in September.

I have been working in project management for one year, and I want to learn some systematic project management theory to enhance my competitiveness in the workplace. So I studied PMP.

I passed the PMP exam with 5A in two months, and I am very grateful to the SPOTO for its online class. The teachers there are super gentle, and the project management cases are also very rich.

It is better to share the good things, and it is better to have fun with others than to have fun alone.

I have passed the PMP exam 5A in two months, and I have three suggestions for you.

You must seriously read the book.

The first feeling when you just get the PMBOK is that it is too thick and too much. When will I be able to read it all? You will start to give it up. When you start to read the book you will find it difficult and long to understand. And the content is a little boring. But the thought of having paid the training fee plus the examination fee in SPOTO training appear, the attitude of spending money on learning will be different. If you do not seriously read the book, the money will not be wasted. The only way to get it through is to set yourself a small target every day. A few pages is a small step forward. And in the process of reading it we can associate it with projects and organizations in our work to facilitate understanding and memory.


Learning is a habit. Use an hour or so each night to read the book. And after a period of persistence, reading the entire PMBOK book will not be a problem. It is recommended that when reading the book the first time you could take a cursory look. Do not strive to understand. First you should understand the entire book’s general content and the overall project management knowledge system including some concepts which are five process groups, ten knowledge areas, 47 process groups and so on. When you read it for the second time then you need to read it carefully. You enjoyed yourself in the past holidays with fun. But this holiday you should spend some time reading the books.

Take a good class during the training.

SPOTO International Training has many chances to have the classes face to face as well as several online live lectures. You should participate in these courses as much as possible. The teachers from the SPOTO are interesting. They give the lectures from citing a variety of examples so that the knowledge becomes vivid and easy to remember. The teacher’s lecture notes during the class have been streamlined a lot. You should take the time to take notes. Even if you do not pay full attention to the class in the whole class, it also plays an important role to read the lecture notes after the class. The more important thing is that many methods used for the topics in the exam have appeared in the published note books of the SPOTO.

Finish the questions! Finish them all!

The PMP exam has 200 scenario questions and lasts for 4 hours. It’s really a test of both brain power and physical strength for the candidate to complete the exam! If you don’t do some practice before the exam, I’m afraid many of you will have difficulty completing all the questions when you take the real exam. Also when doing the mock questions, record your answers on a separate sheet of paper as it is best to do the mock questions several times over. The first time you do a mock question you will find that the wrong question may still be wrong when the second time you do it. These questions need to find the corresponding knowledge points, and then the repeated wrong questions of the knowledge points collection. You will find that you must be weak in these certain modules. Then in the revision process you can focus on the content of these modules. It is more focused and will be more efficient.

I wish you all success in passing the PMP exam!

There is no shortcut to learning, even if you have enrolled in a training course, you have to take it seriously, just because: the harder you work, the luckier you be!

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