Poly Logistic and Trading expands its operations to Latin America, offering purchasing agency and international logistics from China

Guangzhou, China, 8th May 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Poly Logistic and Trading Co., Ltd is one of the most important international shipping options according to its clients from Latin America and around the world. The company, established in Guangzhou, China, and with 8 years of experience in the market, stands out for offering its services from the Asian continent to anywhere in the world. Its main objective is to be the link between all continents and ensure a safe, fast, and reliable commercial and cultural exchange.

People who hire the services of Poly Logistic and Trading Co., Ltd know that they are important and that their shipping needs are covered at all times.

The founders of Poly Logistic and Trading Co., Ltd are Colombian entrepreneurs currently located in Guangzhou, China.

J Mauricio Mosquera, CEO

Proactive and versatile, he is a professional with a long business career in the foreign trade, quality control, logistics, warehousing, and customs sector, leading high-performance work teams with a clear focus on development through results. His focus is oriented toward quality and excellence in each of the services offered.

He is also a developer of strategic alliances in Asia (China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Japan), and has been important in strengthening the different international supply chains.

J Pauline Vélez, COO

Charismatic and innovative woman with extensive experience in the design, development, and management of business projects, her goal is focused on the management and optimization of processes. She is also crucial for establishing excellent interpersonal relationships with each of her clients, and her commitment is unparalleled when it comes to achieving set goals and objectives.

Services offered

Poly Logistic and Trading Co., Ltd main services are:

Purchasing Agent

Works in favor of companies, entrepreneurs, and SMEs who want to carry out their purchase or production projects in China by contacting and negotiating with highly qualified suppliers, providing satisfaction to the client’s requirements.

Freight Forwarder

Responsible for organizing international air and sea shipments to arrive on time, while maintaining the highest standards in terms of quality and price for each shipment. In addition, they are responsible for providing any additional service that the client requests, such as transportation and distribution, packaging, warehousing, customs services, etc. As certified agents in China, each client’s goods travel comfortably, reliably, and safely.

Product Inspections

Products are verified to meet the quality standards established by the supplier and client’s requirements at each stage of the process. In addition, if there are any deviations in the process, the client receives objective information to improve it.

Sales in China

People have started selling their products in China thanks to this business ally. It has the necessary training and experience in the sector to cover every aspect that entails the shipping chain.

Supplier Audits

An evaluation is made of each supplier’s facilities, policies, procedures, and records, which allows for determining the delivery capacity in the short and long term when making decisions for a particular client.

Large Projects

The best solution for shipping cargo projects is Poly Logistic and Trading., Ltd, as its experience in logistics services has made it the ideal candidate for shipments from China to the rest of the world.

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Published On: May 8, 2023