Kampala, Uganda, 8. Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The OTC crypto trading desk is a platform that allows the users to conduct big cryptocurrency over-the-counter transactions from anywhere in the world with complete ease. The value of the transactions ranges from $5,000 to $2 million using Bitcoin and U.S. dollars.

It is very simple.

Contact them via the official WhatsApp account or through the website contact form.

Request for the use of a deal room

Consult with their cryptocurrency dealer, who will provide the users with the current day’s prices as well as the transaction process.

It is mandatory for all payments and transfers to be completed via the proper MUDA channels. A variety of DeFi products are being developed by Muda, including ones that will provide liquidity to the massive global P2P marketplaces, power remittance to emerging markets, and allow global investor to tap in the rapidly growing the Microfinance industries through asset well backed financing on blockchain. For OTC Cryptocurrency trading this goes perfect.

Muda will facilitate NFT development and staking in order to allow their users to get value from their assets and earn revenue. With more than $2 million in daily volume, Muda operates a major over-the-counter (OTC) desk that provides critical liquidity to the East African Marketplace, enabling P2P traders to transact.

The Uganda National Museum NFT initiative is funded by the National Fund for the Arts. With the National Museum of Uganda, we are collaborating on the creation and launch of a unique NFT collection that will include some of the most intriguing artefacts discovered at the Museum. These NFTs will be made accessible via the Binance NFT marketplace, which will be launched shortly.

The CELO Foundation is collaborating on a liquidity API. Murcom and Celo have formed a collaboration to develop an enterprise application programming interface (API) that would allow companies to connect with the CELO network more easily. An additional function of the API will be to serve as a liquidity train to fuel the global fintech industry and allow them to reap the advantages of blockchain technology.

The deal room is a cryptocurrency over-the-counter (OTC) business that seeks to offer liquidity and market making services to the P2P marketplace on the continent of Africa. The OTC desk now has the ability to offer liquidity in excess of $2 million per day across a number of different currency pairings, according to the company.

About OTC crypto trading desk:

Using the OTC crypto trading desk platform, it is feasible to conduct large-scale cryptocurrency over-the-counter transactions from any place on the planet.

For more information, please visit https://www.muda.tech/otcdealroom

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Contact Person: Suleiman Murunga

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