Prilla Expands Consumer Access to Best-Selling Nicotine Pouches Through Online Retail

As smoking rates decline and consumers search for viable alternatives to cigarettes, the nicotine pouch market emerged to meet this rising demand in the last few years. A market report by Reliable Business Insights notes that the market is experiencing robust growth and is expected to sustain this with a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% during the forecast period of 2023-2030. Several factors are responsible for the rise of nicotine pouches as a new product category, entailing a closer look at the market environment.

Furthermore, one of these growth drivers is increased consumer access, to which the online retailer Prilla contributes by stocking a wide selection of nicotine pouches from best-selling brands. Read on to learn more about why nicotine pouches are in demand and how Prilla helps bridge the gap between products and consumers through its e-commerce website.

The rise of nicotine pouches

The same market report explains that because nicotine pouches use synthetic nicotine instead of deriving it from tobacco sources, they help address the health concerns associated with cigarette smoking. Nicotine pouches are also consumed orally and considered a non-combustible product, thus reducing environmental harm caused by tobacco smoke. Additionally, the pre-portioned packaging of pouches may use biodegradable materials like plant fiber to minimize waste, unlike cigarette filters, which are responsible for a significant portion of plastic pollution.

Beyond the potential for reduced health and environmental risks, nicotine pouch sales are also on the rise due to the innovative ways they are being developed, marketed, and distributed to consumers. For instance, key market players are constantly innovating their products with flavors based on mint, fruits, and coffee to appeal to changing consumer preferences. Meanwhile, a 2022 article on JMIR Formative Research found that the top six nicotine pouch brands in the United States spent a total of $11.2 million on advertising in 2019 to market pouches’ novelty, modernity, and ease of use across various contexts like workplace, transportation, and leisure activities.

Prilla as an online retailer

However, another notable aspect of the nicotine pouch market that has been pivotal to its rapid growth is e-commerce accessibility. Although purchases made through offline channels like convenience stores account for the majority of total unit sales, the online segment of the global nicotine pouch market is expanding consumer access. Specifically, the online retailer Prilla plays a role in making North America hold the largest market share (40%) across regions including Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Aside from raising consumer awareness through informative guides on nicotine pouches and how to use them, Prilla helps individuals achieve a smoke-free lifestyle by offering high-quality pouches from brands listed by Reliable Business Insights as prominent players in the competitive nicotine pouch market: ZYN (Swedish Match), VELO (British American Tobacco), and Rogue (Rogue Holdings). Upon ordering their preferred pouch flavor, strength, and amount from the Prilla website, consumers from anywhere in the US can have them shipped directly from the warehouse to their doorstep via UPS. The website also highlights product differentiation to help customers throughout their decision journey, as exemplified below.

Best-selling pouch brands available on Prilla

ZYN from Swedish Match

In 2022, ZYN was acquired by tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI), as the latter announced its transition to a smoke-free product portfolio. Since then, ZYN pouches have demonstrated impressive performance in sales and shipment, recording a 46.7% growth from 49.9 million cans in the first quarter of 2022 to 73.2 million cans post-acquisition.

Although ZYN originates from Europe-based Swedish Match, Prilla highlights that these pouches are designed with American consumers in mind. To start, ZYN nicotine pouches are tobacco-free to cater to those who don’t like its taste or are looking for reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes. Thus, it offers a wide variety of flavors with natural ingredients, from refreshing best-sellers like mint, spearmint, and wintergreen to unusual ones like cinnamon and coffee. In terms of strength, ZYN pouches are available in 3mg (light) and 6mg (normal) servings.

VELO from British American Tobacco

Meanwhile, VELO, manufactured by British American Tobacco (BAT), is advertised by Prilla as one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands in the US due to its tobacco-free properties. VELO pouches do not contain the same tobacco leaf or plant material found in traditional tobacco products. In fact, research by BAT shows that this makes VELO pouches less toxic and biologically active than cigarette smoke and snus, demonstrating reduced-risk potential even at greater concentrations of nicotine.

Besides a wide array of flavors based on mint, coffee, and exotic fruits like dragon fruit, VELO pouches on Prilla are available in 2mg for beginners, 4mg for average users, and 7mg for a powerful buzz suited for experienced users. The pouch itself is made of plant fiber and contains a blend of nicotine, flavorings, sweeteners, and pH adjusters to ensure effective nicotine absorption.

Rogue from Rogue Holdings

Lastly, Prilla carries Rogue nicotine pouches made in the US for American consumers looking to kick their smoking and chewing tobacco habits. Although Rogue only represents a 4.8% share of the total 126.06 million pouch unit sales in the US from 2019 to 2022, research from JAMA Network Open notes that its sales grew the fastest among other brands like ZYN and VELO.

On Prilla, Rogue pouches are also presented as sugar-free, allowing users to cut back on sugar on top of reducing the health risks of traditional tobacco products. Similar to the previous brands, Rogue has minty, fruity, and unconventional offerings. Users are also recommended to try one of the 3mg options if they’re starting out or the 6mg options for a similar nicotine delivery as cigarettes but without the tobacco, odor, or smoke.

Aside from offering top brands with flavors and strengths that target consumer needs and preferences, Prilla has also added to its catalog emerging brands like LUCY, which is known for manufacturing other oral nicotine products like gums and lozenges. Overall, Prilla taps into the benefits of online retail to encourage individuals to switch to smoke-free alternatives. For more relevant updates on the nicotine pouch market, keep reading Digital Journal.

Published On: March 22, 2024