Prizm is  a fully decentralized cryptocurrency with it own unique features like paramining.

It was mentioned several times like one of the most profitable coins during 2019, on such resources like CoinCodex , Binance blog, and it`s technical parameters were highly rated  by FCAS and Codecondo specialists.

What is Prizm Global Promotion?

A group of Prizm enthusiasts and community leaders that believe in coins future and put their effort and funds to promote and popularize Prizm around the world

It is planned to start promotion in countries that have an unstable state currency against the background of the economic crisis. These are Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. For this purpose, leaders with an existing structure on the territory of the listed States will be involved.

What are the goals of the project?

The main mission is to expand the geography of the Prizm community to the entire planet. To speed up global expansion, it is necessary to provide information support to leaders in other countries. For this purpose, articles, videos and reviews are already being created for a wide audience, from beginners to professionals.

The project leaders identified 4 main goals for 2020:

Bring 1 million new active participants to Prizm by means of online advertising. This will be achieved through a large-scale PR campaign involving professional marketers, advertising agencies, and others.

Move up in coin ranks to top 25 position. As the number of  active users increases, the project’s awareness and capitalization price increases, that will also help to attract investment funds to add coin to their portfolios.

By the end of the year, get a stable rate of 1 prizm = 1$. It is no secret that the exchange rate of the coin was initially equal to 1 dollar. Therefore, nothing is impossible in this case, a Fund is already being formed to maintain the price by a group of experienced traders.

Create an online Academy. Training materials are the main problem experienced by the foreign communities. 

Online education for integrating Prizm into businesses;

Online education on financial literacy, investing and passive income generation;

Training in Prizm trading on exchanges;

Training on personal brand development and ways to work with prism.

Who is working on this?

Every day more than a dozen specialists work on the project: marketers, designers, developers, SMM specialists, professional operators and video editors, copywriters and translators. The team is constantly growing due to those who are ready to help with their knowledge and efforts.

The next thing to do is to change the attitude to Prizm as only a source of passive income. The goal is to show audiences from different countries that Prizm can be used as a payment tool for businesses with minimal fees,fast, secured, easy to set up and connect to. With Prizm  you can minimize taxes, make a convenient loyalty program,you set your own rules and do not depend on anyone, basically you build your own business on blockchain which will always belong to you!