PRODAFT Identifies and Investigates New Kurisu Sextortion Malware

Zürich, Switzerland, 7th September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Sextortion efforts are becoming more focused as criminals look to victimize users. A new threat, Kurisu, identified by PRODAFT in May is a particularly dangerous example, with its creators using user photographs to extort ransoms from unwitting victims.


Users install Kurisu as part of a fake “private” browser. It functions as a keylogger, monitoring activity for when users visit adult web content, taking screenshots and webcam photos to use as evidence to maximize users’ fears of being exposed. 

As malware threats are becoming more personalized and menacing for extortion purposes, sextortion is a growing target. Originally criminals sent out mass emails making spurious claims that people had been visiting pornographic sites or watching adult content in an attempt to cajole the guilty-minded into paying up.

Now Kurisu represents a new threat level and PRODAFT has analyzed the activities of those responsible, identifying the scale, intent, and origin of the cyber attacks, as well as the communications they use and their home nations.

PRODAFT’s  threat intelligence platform monitors thousands of sources to identify and prevent attacks, and can help law enforcement identify the actors, while enabling you to respond to cyber security threats that threaten your business and workers.

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Published On: September 7, 2022