Waterloo, Canada, 27th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, In India we have a society where many things are celebrated on a large scale. We are a country of festivals and celebrations. We love to celebrate and gather as a community every chance we get. Marriages are on the top of the list when it comes to celebrations. Marriages bring together families and communities and they are the perfect event for people to come together. However, it is common for many families to spend tremendous amounts of wealth in getting their children married. This is the reason Indian weddings are famous all over the world. We are known to organize extravagant functions that span over many days, and a lot of resources are put into this. 

However, this has also turned into a problem for many. Not everyone in society is wealthy enough to arrange extravagant weddings for their children. 

Unfortunately, it has been observed that due to social pressure, people from even weaker sections of our society are sometimes forced to go far beyond their means. A cause for celebration has turned to be a cause of stress for many. It is seen that even those who cannot afford to get their children married in lavish ways have to spend more than they can afford to burning through savings and even taking loans. This is often done without thinking since this has become the norm. Community weddings: One of the best ways for the welfare of a community

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha organizes Group/community weddings for the welfare of people who want to get married but do not have the means to organize a wedding event. Leaders like Ramesh Chaurasia are one of the very few philanthropists who personally ensure that consenting adults who do not have parents are also married with dignity and according to proper rituals. 

How group weddings are organized 

Group weddings are beautifully organized with all arrangements done by the members of the community. Family members of the couples are also invited to the wedding. Arrangements for music are done and several musicians are invited to make it a fun filled event. Attractive decorations are done just like any wedding event and food arrangements are also made for the guests. 

Beautiful mandaps are made and the bride and grooms are invited for the marriage ceremony. Multiple priests are invited so that group weddings can be done with all the required rituals. After the marriage ceremony, gifts are given to the couple with wishes for a beautiful life and a bright future. The community contributes to these and the organization personally tries to help the couples start off towards a good life. But it does not end there. The couples are also given assistance to register their marriage and get an official marriage license. This has brought hope in the lives of many young people who could not find the means or the confidence to get married on their own. Many of the couples realize that unnecessarily lavish weddings would be a burden on their parents so they actively want to get married at community wedding events.  

Marriages are a sacred ritual 

Ramesh Chaurasia, the president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha has been vocal about the need for the normalization of community weddings. He believes that marriages should be events for togetherness and happiness. By organizing community weddings, the organization aims to spread awareness among all communities that it is not a compulsion to have lavish weddings where all life savings are to be spent. Marriages are a sacred thing which are meant to bring people together. There should be no factors which should bring pressure on any of the parties involved. It is through such events and acts that society learns new ways. 

Mr Chaurasia believes that society moves forward in time with one progressive act at a time. It is our compassion and support which strengthens a community. If people from weaker sections of society are offered a way to get married with dignity and respect, we will see an exponential increase in overall happiness in families. Marriages will become an event for celebration once again and not an event to create more debt. 

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