Ravendex, After Listing On Bitmart, Reserves An Earth Node With World Mobile Token To Boost Internet Access In Africa

Dublin, Ireland, 18 Jan 2022, Ravendex, a DEX using the automated market maker protocol that lets you trade and swap native Cardano-based tokens in a trust-less manner. In a bid to reach out to crypto enthusiasts in Africa, the team at Ravendex is pleased to announce to the crypto community that it has reserved an earth node with World Mobile Token, which will help bring communication as a service. The collaboration with World Mobile Token will incentivise internet access and penetration in remote areas of Africa. 

Come June 2022, World Mobile Token will use blimps, an end-to-end solution, to offer affordable internet services to a wide range of users in Africa. The project is built on the Cardano blockchain and supported by IOHK. 

When its ISPO launches, Ravendex will pass a portion of the rewards to deserving delegators who have their ADA staked on Ravendex stake pool. Ravendex is currently trading on Bitmart and has recorded a trade volume of over a million dollars. By daily volume, Ravendex is one of the most consistent Cardano native tokens on the chart.

The team at Ravendex is also pleased to announce that the project’s NFT minting will start in less than 48 hours from now. Investors and crypto trades alike are encouraged to be part of the Rave NFT minting, as there are lots of exciting rewards for grabs.

Rave NFT Holders will be able to get Exclusive Token drops & NFT Drops and can also Stake Their NFts to get rewards in $RAVE.

Rave Token, the utility token of the Ravendex ecosystem is currently Trading on Bitmart and  

The $RAVE Token

Ravendex has a utility token with the symbol “$RAVE. The token is a governance token which users can use to participate in the governance structure of the project. With $RAVE, users will be rewarded for their efforts, commitment, and loyalty. You can use $RAVE to purchase goods and services on the Ravendex protocol. 

About Ravendex

Ravendex is the world’s first non-custodial decentralised exchange on the Cardano blockchain. At its core, Ravendex permits switch and near instant assets and liquidity transfer between ADA and native Cardano tokens. Ravendex operates using the EUTXO model for the easy sharing of liquidity among different assets in the Cardano ecosystem. 

Ravendex is also one of the very first projects to conceive the idea of crypto borrowing, lending, and staking. It uses AMM protocol to facilitate the trading of digital assets at a decent price set up by the liquidity providers. The team behind the success of Ravendex will leave no stone unturned in a bid to ensure that crypto enthusiasts profit off the Cardano blockchain. 

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Published On: January 18, 2022