London, UK, 1 March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, BSCBay has just launched on PancakeSwap. The platform is taking the crypto market head-on, with plans to spearhead their Launchpad on BSC while offering rewards to both project developers and investors.

The BSCBay presale hosted on its own platform sold out within 30 minutes, opening the door for the official launch.  The platform officially launched on 24 February 2022 at 10 pm UTC, introducing a new paradigm to Launchpad services while rewarding its holders.

BSCBay is powered by the $BSCB token which works on an autonomous liquidity generation and yield farming protocol built to seamlessly integrate multiple parts of the ecosystem. The protocol offers $BSCB holders a 5% automatic USDT reflections reward every 4 hours simply for HODLing.

What Features Make the BSCBay Ecosystem Stand Out?

BSCBay has created a blockchain innovation hub that takes the previous successful features of decentralized finance and combines them with new, innovative concepts and ideas. 

The developers ensure that users can generate passive income streams for the long haul via the integration of a Launchpad, DexPad, and a plethora of supporting tools that channel income into the investor reward pool. 

The revolutionary Rewards Launchpad is at the core of the ecosystem. It offers a platform for token developers to showcase their products and attract new investors. Projects launching on BSCBay benefit from support in smart contract audits, marketing, and investments.

To protect crypto and DeFi users from scams, the BSCBay Launchpad performs KYCs on all projects and locks liquidity to reduce the chances of a rug pull. Dev teams can leverage BSCBay’s secure liquidity and token lockers to lock their liquidity provider and team tokens, instilling investor trust in their protocol.

The DEXPad is another key feature of the ecosystem. It lists new DeFi projects for investors to browse and do their own research on what ventures to support. The technology shines the spotlight on new crypto projects, allowing them to garner community support and take flight.

BSCBay deploys powerful investment tokenomics that reward users with automatic USDT rewards. The protocol deducts a 10% tax on buys, with 5%going to user rewards, 1% to marketing, 1% to the team wallet, and 1% to automatically generate Pancakeswap liquidity.

BSCBay also deducts 1% tax that is sent to a buyback and burn address, maintaining the deflationary status of the $BSCB token.  The Launchpad will be rolling out additional services such as P2E games, Token Minters, Lockers, and Swaps to ensure the investor pools never die.

About BSCBay 

BSCBay is the first decentralized Launchpad that automatically rewards its users in USDT. The platform helps promising projects kick off their journey in the crypto sphere via its game-changing Rewards Launchpad.

New developers on BSCBay get to launch their projects without having to pay for the presale. They also earn $BSCB dividend tokens after paying a small one-time fee in BNB, allowing them to claim rewards from the $BSCB pool forever.

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