(via ZEXPR) It’s time that girl power makes it to the financial world and turns the tables for females. Unfortunately enough, women all around the globe have been ignored for ages. Thanks to the movements globally, we are witnessing an increased representation of women in all races of life. The same goes for stocks. Finally, the time has come when females and the other segments of society are being involved in the matter.

RichmondSuper‘s expert analyst Mr. Alex Brown explores how it seems like the financial world is already heading towards a women’s rule but there remains a need to beat the sense of discomfort which is prevalent in people.

A General Sense Of Reluctance

Investing in the stock market appears to be intimidating, to everybody, not only women. If you’ve thousands of extra dollars, waiting to be spent, only then you might be interested to invest in businesses with soaring high share prices. But generally, people are reluctant to spend in the area and the one major expressed concern is that there is no lack of uncertainty. One time you are at the winning end and the next moment you are gone. Factors such as economic strife, wars, disasters, and political instability are the major players behind the increasing turbulence in the market.

People cannot detach themselves from what has been happening in the past. In the period of the last 30 years, the stock market has not only housed but also nurtured risk. A series of events from the past years have taken over the market stability. Some of the prominent ones from 2010 onwards are, European sovereign debt crisis, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US heading towards a fiscal cliff in 2012, 2014’s Brazilian economic crisis, China’s stock market crash in 2015, Brexit in 2016, the rise of the populist vote in 2017, and the 2019’s Covid 19. All sorts of social, economic, and political reasons can lead to the loss of money. 

The Black Swan Event

Covid 19 is regarded as the black swan event because of the severe impact and widespread damage the rare event has caused. Where the pandemic has caused irreparable losses socially and economically it struck the stock markets all around the globe really hard, leading to the development of a jittery trend.  Lockdowns, bans, and restrictions everywhere caused immense damage to all sorts of industries, building more pressure on the already struggling stock markets. 

Amidst this situation, a gap developed which could only be filled by the introduction of platforms that not only allow easy investment but also spread awareness and education about stocks. Public.com is a platform that has decided to get the job done for all of us. 

What Is Public.com?

Public.com is a New York-based firm, which was formerly known as Matador. The platform was created in 2018 by Jannick Malling. It struck Mr. Malling that if social media can help people expand businesses and increase clientele, why can’t it be used for stock trading. 

The free investing app is all about transparency, trust, and social education. It has come out in an attempt to financially empower not only the women but also the people of colour which have been the neglected chunk of societies all these years.

RichmondSuper expert analyst, Alex Brown is positive that soon women will take the lead in the financial race because of the decline life expectancy of the males baby boomers. The emergence of this trend has given birth to one simple question which has an even simple answer. Who is going to take up the $30 trillion worth of assets? The answer to this question is a younger lot of females. 

What This Move Is All About?

Public.com has been mindful of the fact that now is the time our future is shaped. And for this, they have introduced a forum where one can socially interact and buy stocks simultaneously. To ensure that the benefit reaches the masses, there is no commission fee on standard trades. Also, in order to get an account made and operational you will not be asked for any extra bucks. 

Another distinguishing feature is that you can make it to the top even if you haven’t tried your luck in the area before. You want to start from scratch, you’re welcomed. Buy small slices or stocks and experience as you keep adding to your bank balance gradually.

This approach reflects that the platform aims to focus enough on the learning procedure of users. Like any other social media platform, you can follow the relevant investors, join group chats and explore the channel which lets you put forth your ideas as you read others’. 

A Possible Game-Changer?

Mr. Brown says that the introduction of such forums can have long-lasting impacts because of the evolutionary effect they have on the way stock investment operates. Since here people go beyond the stock barrier, exploring budgeting techniques and financial wellness can be a game-changer.

Currently, the company’s user base consists of 40% women and 45% people of colour so a general sentiment of goodwill is already associated with it. We need to see how much more good such platforms can bring to the stock world. 

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