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SÃO PAULO, April 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo – Sabesp (“SABESP” or “Company”), pursuant to CVM Instruction No. 358 of January 3, 2002, as amended, and CVM Instruction No. 622 of April 17, 2020, hereby informs its shareholders and the market that, considering the several impacts resulting from the new corona virus (“COVID-19”) and the protective measures recommended by Brazilian health authorities, in particular restrictions on travelling and public meetings, its annual general shareholders meeting, to be held on April 28, 2020, will be held exclusively by digital means (“AGM”).

Shareholders who wish to participate remotely in the AGM must access the digital platform Zoom, according to the rules described below.

In compliance with the instructions presented below, shareholders may vote on the matters described in the agenda (i) by submitting the Distance Voting Ballot (“DVB”) or (ii) via a digital platform  provided by the Company through the platform Zoom.

I.  Extension of the deadline for the submission of the DVB directly to Sabesp

Sabesp will extend, on an exceptional basis, solely to this AGM, the deadline for submitting the DVB directly to the Company by Shareholders who have not yet sent their DVB by any of the options provided in the Proxy Statement, released by the Company on April 3, 2020 (“Proxy Statement”).

Therefore, shall be considered valid all the DVB sent directly to the Company through the e-mail [email protected] until 16.00 a.m. of April 27, 2020, regardless of the deadline initially informed in the Proxy Statement itself.

However, the seven-day advance deadline for the submission of the DVB to the custodians, if the shares are in central securities depository, or to the bookkeeper expired on April 22, 2020, therefore the shareholders who have not sent the Voting Form until such date may only do so by submitting it directly to the Company.

II.  Remote Attendance at the AGM through the electronic system Zoom

The shareholders who wish to participate remotely, in real time, in the AGM must send the documents required for participation, as described in the Proxy Statement, to the Company’s e-mail – [email protected] – until 16.00 am on April 27, 2020. After analysing the referred documents the shares ownership, the Company will send the shareholder the access credentials and instructions for identification and usage of the digital platform.

In order to grant the safety of the AGM, the digital platform access will be restricted to the Company’s shareholders or its representatives who are accredited within the anticipated period, under the terms of this material fact.

Shareholders who do not send the registration request within the deadline referred above (until 16.00 a.m. of April 27, 2020) will not be authorized to attend the AGM remotely.

The registered shareholders may participate in the virtual meeting, make their statements and vote through the provided platform through video and audio. Shareholders must keep their cameras on during the entire AGM in order to ensure the authenticity of communications.

Shareholders who have already sent their DVB may also register to participate in the AGM through the mentioned electronic system if they wish, whereas this request is made in the manner and within the period described in this material fact. In this case, if the shareholder wishes to vote on the AGM matters during the meeting, all voting instructions received in DVB identified under its CPF or CNPJ registration number will be disregarded.

In addition, the Company requests its shareholders to previously confirm the compatibility of their electronic devices with the system that will be used at the AGM and to access the platform 30 minutes in advance of the AGM. Shareholders wishing to participate in the AGM may send their questions regarding the digital platform’s access or its usage to the Company by the e-mail [email protected] or by phone (11) 3388-8172.

The Company will not be held responsible for operational or connection problems that the shareholder may endure nor for any other possible issue that may hinder or preclude the shareholder participation in the AGM by electronic means due to incompatibility or faults of its electronic devices.

In accordance to paragraph 1, item II of article 21-C of CVM Instruction No. 481, of December 17, 2009 (“ICVM 481”), the entire AGM will be recorded and, pursuant to article 21-V, paragraph 1 of ICVM 481, the duly accredited shareholder who participates in the AGM through the electronic system will be considered as attending the AGM and signing its minute.

The necessary documents and information for participating and voting in the AGM, whether by the DVB or digitally, were made available to the shareholders, pursuant to Article 133 of Federal Law No. 6,404 and ICVM 481, and may be consulted on the Company’s investor relations website (www.sabesp.com.br), as well as the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (www.cvm.gov.br) and B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (www.b3.com.br).

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