Singapore, 10 Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE,  Safariswap is a new DEFI liquidity pool platform with options of NFT Gamification for all animal lovers and it also offers huge staking rewards. Pre-sales on 1 September 2021 raised $1,000,000 USD in seed funding and it is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Safariswap has its own safari themed NFTs and holders of Safariswap NFTs are generously rewarded with mystery prizes and good price appreciation. It’s highly optimised and user friendly gaming system offers a very high yield and huge APY if the holders are participating in the NFT staking program and also for the users who are holding the native token of SafariSwap which is $NATURE token.

Safariswap has the ultimate aim to become the next big DEX on BSC allowing investors to swap BEP-20 tokens. It also aims to offer opportunities to invest in a diverse ecosystem, own a governance token $Nature with real utility and be connected to many upcoming nature projects. Besides feeling good when you give back to Nature, you can also earn huge rewards and APY by being a $Nature holder.

What is SafariSwap ?

SafariSwap is a community based and driven automated market maker (AMM), unlike all the other traditional centralized exchanges that always require a centralized authority to moderate or to approve transactions on the other hand SafariSwap use and is also based on blockchain technology to secure the interests of all its liquidity providers.

The aim of SafariSwap is to build an animal-friendly and animal lovers-based community which will not only work towards the sustainable living environment for animals but will also revolutionize the wildlife conservation plans and efforts around the globe.

With its core and smart contracts built on the Binance smart chain (BSC), which is one of the world’s leading providers and pioneers of decentralized exchange technology, SafariSwap is considered as one of the fastest, safest and the most secure platforms in the world for liquidity pooling and its dex based operations.

SafariSwap $Nature token, is a high yield staking LP token that offers rewards to their community or holders via NFT gamification and  liquidity mining. $Nature does not only give benefits to all token holders who HODL, but it also incentivizes all those who are and will participate in the SafariSwap NFT ecosystem.

In the SafariSwap NFT Ecosystem all the holders are eligible for token swaps with the new NFT’s that will be launched; they are also entitled for upgrades of the NFT’s that they are holding. All holders. All holders who stake or HODL will earn rewards, get high AYP’s and appreciations in the growth of the token price. If there are holders out there who are looking to invest and earn massive rewards via passive income, SafariSwap’s massive rewards pools model should be an integral part of the strategy for such investors.

Possibility of Over 500% Potential Return On Capital In A Month

SafariSwap, the platform that uses Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology to support nature conservation initiatives, now has a greater than ever offering to reward new users and it’s community. SafariSwap has grown rapidly to become one of the fastest growing liquidity pool. Its audited smart contract currently has over 800K USD liquidity locked in till at least 31st March 2022 — an eye-opening and generous amount that may be worth keeping a lookout for and contributing to. The mechanism behind SafariSwap’s system is simple — enhance the value of its Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens through gamification and community building, all the while contributing to conservation efforts and non-profit movements. The current estimated price of 1 $Nature is $2. Based on this value, one may earn over 100% in capital gains in just a month with a $1,000 investment. Over 500% in capital gains in a month and a shot at retirement. It is no wonder people are quickly diversifying their portfolio to include SafariSwap’s tokens.

Holders of Safariswap NFT’s are very generously rewarded with mystery prizes and good price appreciation. Its highly optimized and user-friendly gaming system offers a very high yield and huge APY if the holders are participating in the NFT staking program and also for the users who are holding the native token of SafariSwap which is $NATURE token.

If you refer to 10 people, you can get 45 USD, which is equivalent to the average wage in some countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. If you are referring to a hundred people you can get $450 usd, which is equivalent to the average wage in some countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Imagine what impact just referrals can have on their lives? And when they invest, they can even earn or get  500% apy. And it’s flexible. If you want to take it out, you can sell it at any time and just join and participate in our project and staking and you’ll earn $2 as a gratitude. Imagine what you could get in your country for US $2? It can mean a one-time meal and that can be done with just one click.What can a person achieve via SafariSwap?

Imagine when someone is investing some amount and the prices increase by $0.04 per token and when whole of the Safariswap community is putting up the collective effort to spread awareness this $0.04 price increase can turn out to be $0.4 increase in per token price and with our launch price fixed at $2 per token this will result in 20% increase in the token price and also a 20% increase in the total capital invested by you.

Some studies have shown that other coins have done this before, which means that we can do it too! Everyone participates and pushes it to the moon. Find similar tokens that started around a dollar price and later on they went to a multiple fold price hike. What would be the scenario if you all were given an opportunity to invest in a similar scenario. SafariSwap can be your option where you can invest in early stages and yield high APY and also enjoy the multiple fold price increase of the tokens.  

SafraiSwap has Announced a Charity giveaway to Re:wild via Giving Block

Safariswap aims to give back to different wildlife conservations via the Giving Block bi-weekly. It pledges to give back up to 100,000 $Nature tokens in 2022 and continue to increase this amount on a yearly basis. It is able to give back sustainably by tokenomics design and upcoming decentralised exchange (DEX) features. As more users join their community, they are able to achieve their target of giving back to wildlife conservation. 

They announced to give 1000 $Nature tokens to re:wild who restores and protects the wild. They have only one focus to save wildlife and preserve it as it is the most effective solution to the ongoing interconnected climate, human health and biodiversity crisis. It was founded by Leonardo DiCaprio and a group of very renowned conservation scientists.

Re:wild is a force multiplier which brings together companies, non governmental organisations, public, governments, Indigenous peoples, local communities and influential leaders to protect and rewild at the speed that we need. Their vital work has conserved and protected more than 180 million acres which is benefitting more than 16,000 species in the world’s most irreplaceable places for biodiversity.

This Charity giveaway will happen via Giving Block. Cryptocurrency donations to the charities are booming nowadays, with a lot of gifts still rolling in as the year is about to end. Data suggests there was a huge 583% increase in total digital asset donations in 2021 as compared to 2020 on Crypto Giving Tuesday, Crypto Giving Tuesday is a campaign which is started by The Giving Block, a fundraising and  crypto donation for individuals and nonprofits.   

On Crypto Giving Tuesday 2021, a D.C.-based company processed $2.4 million in gifts as donations, with an average donation size of $12,600, according to the company, and more donations continued into the holiday season.“That day has inspired hundreds of conversations with high-net-worth donors, companies and projects that want to make gifts,” said Pat Duffy, co-founder of The Giving Block. 

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