San Diego Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Homes aims to give families relief from grief

Jawa Barat, Indonesia, 9th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Families can sigh with relief after meeting a partner to walk with in times of grief. The San Diego hills Memorial Park and Funeral homes has taken the lead in ensuring that families have an easy time in their grieving moments. According to a host at the premises, Karen van den Broek, “San Diego hills memorial park and funeral homes is here for you when you need us.” The company offers luxurious funeral services to those interested in such. 

The San Diego hills memorial park and Funeral homes covers 500 hectares of land. It is located on the outskirts of the city. Therefore, it is convenient for people who live far away from the city. The place is also very safe because there are no traffic jams. There are many trees around the place, which make it look beautiful.

San Diego Hills Memorial Park and Funeral homes came to existence to provide quality funeral services to its clients. Most importantly, the management says that it was to cater for the ever-growing Indonesian community. The company believes that every person deserves a good funeral service. When they say this, they mean that they want to ensure that every family gets what they deserve.

A Memorial Park and Funeral Home like No other…

The core objective of San Diego Hills Memorial Park is to provide families with a great funeral experience. The park has room for five million tombs. Minimum cost for burial space is $800. However, there are special sections, mostly the peak areas going for as high as $20,000 per square meter. Despite the somewhat high costs for acquiring plots here, the company believes all the plots will sell out.

According to the managing director, “Our objective is to offer more than cemetery services. We offer many other facilities for recreation within the park.” One of these facilities is the golf course. The golf course is one of the best places where families can spend some time together. The golf course is open during weekends and holidays.

Another facility offered by the company is the swimming pool. The swimming pool is available throughout the year. It is a place where families can relax and enjoy themselves. The facilities include a gymnasium, tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball court, playgrounds, and so much more.

More than that, the company provides several features such as Helipad where helicopters can take off and land; a chapel where families can visit during the funeral process; a crematorium to burn bodies based on family wishes; and a cemetery where families can buy burial plots.

With the helipad, families can use helicopters to transport the body of the deceased to the crematorium or to the cemetery. These helicopters design allow people to carry the dead body safely. The helicopters are also equipped with oxygen tanks so that the passengers do not suffer from breathing problems while flying.

The chapel is a place where families can go to mourn and remember their loved ones. This beautifully decorated chapel is made of marble and wood. The walls painting is white and the chapel’s ceiling of glass construction. Ultimately, this gives the place a bright feel. Most importantly, the chapel is spacious enough to accommodate large numbers of guests.

Offering Convenient Funeral Services 

With the many congested cemeteries in the country, San Diego Hills Memorial Park and funeral home offers a different kind of funeral services. With the help of modern technology, the company ensures that families get the best funeral services. When families buy a plot there, it is for life unlike in other places where families pay fees at regular intervals.

After the funeral proceedings, family get membership to the club facilities offered there. Therefore, families will have a chance to use all the facilities offered by the company. Most importantly, families can come back anytime they like without paying any charges. The management of San Diego Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Homes prides itself in giving families befitting services to their loved ones. 

About San Diego Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Homes

San Diego Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Homes is a privately owned burial complex in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia. Established in January 2007, San Diego Hills is the first cemetery in the world to combine the elegant Forest Lawn burial concept with Indonesian cultures.

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Published On: February 9, 2022