Saturn Moon Matrix Token Set To Release Same Day As The Matrix

Saturn Moon Matrix’s main utility will be its advertising platform, enabling it to host hundreds of coins simultaneously. Moreover, the pre-sale is streaming life right now and ending in 5 days.

California, US, 17th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, ICO is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an initial public offering and is launched to raise funds. Using ICO and NFT most proficiently is not a piece of cake, but Saturn Moon Matrix does the job perfectly. Saturn Moon Matrix is a crypto forum with various exciting features and a unique approach to the crypto-industry.

Saturn Moon Matrix’s main utility will be its advertising platform. Their platform will be able to host hundreds of coins simultaneously. 100% of the ad revenue will be shared amongst the coin holders based on their holdings. NFT holders will also share a stream of passive rewards, making the Saturn Moon Matrix ecosystem a must hold.

Saturn Moon Matrix facilitates its investors in numerous ways, such as the more Saturn Moon Matrix token its users hold, the more rewards in BUSD they earn. The Tokenomics of Saturn Moon Matrix follows: The holder rewards are 6%, the Buyback plus Burn is 2%, whereas Liquidity and Marketing are 2 % and 3%, respectively.

$SSM can be purchased in 5 easy steps: At first, users are required to Download MetaMask or TrustWallet and add the Binance SmartChain to their networks. Users can visit the website for a better understanding of the given tutorial. Secondly, holders need to buy BNB via Binance or a similar exchange and transfer the tokens to their MetaMask or TrustWallet. Now at this step, they must purchase $SMM on PancakeSwap. All they need to do is open and select PieShare. If it doesn’t show up, copy and paste the contract address, click the cogwheel and set the slippage tolerance to 15%. Finally, clients will be able to view their tokens in their wallets.

Users now own $SMM and start receiving their daily BUSD rewards based on their holdings. If they want to see their tokens in their wallet, they may need to add them as a custom token. Copy and paste the contract in the “import tokens” section.

About Saturn Moon Matrix: It was introduced in November 2021. Every SMM holder gains rewards in BUSD every 24 hours. Users can visit their Website for further information and enjoy their perks.

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Published On: December 17, 2021