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Scholar Raise, college savings platform, allows loved ones to remain meaningfully involved in children’s milestones during the coronavirus pandemic.

●  Scholar Raise makes it easy for friends and family to crowdfund a child’s future education in a fun and collaborative way. 

●  Without the ability to physically celebrate milestones together, loved ones can digitally show their support via Scholar Raise’s community-based college savings platform.

●  With so many people tightening their budgets, Scholar Raise allows loved ones to contribute toward a meaningful gift – a future education – with as little as $5.

●  Not only do digital contributions save loved ones the time of picking out the perfect gift, it also lessens the strain on delivery services working on the front lines of the pandemic. 

Scholar Raise, the community-based, tax-advantaged college savings platform, allows loved ones to remain meaningfully involved in children’s milestones during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our world in an unprecedented way, disrupting everything from the economy, to our ability to connect with loved ones in person. As we adapt to this new normal, parents and children are showing creativity and resilience by celebrating milestones like birthdays, academic and sporting achievements, and even graduations virtually.

The pandemic has brought the importance of long-term financial planning front-of-mind, as well as the importance of the welfare of those who are providing the country with essential services. For those looking for socially conscious ways to support their loved ones’ achievements from a distance, those unable to visit a store in search of a gift, or those whose economic situation makes it difficult for them to purchase something of value, Scholar Raise offers the unique ability to check all those boxes in five minutes with as little as $5.

Scholar Raise is a community-based college savings platform that aims to make saving for college attainable for everyone, even those without the time, money, or investing know-how.

Scholar Raise Founder Wesley Belden said:

“Now more than ever, people are making saving for the future a priority. Scholar Raise makes saving for college attainable for everyone, even if you don’t have the time, money and investing know-how.”

“Scholar Raise empowers parents to inject a little certainty into their future finances by encouraging them to focus on small, consistent deposits into a college savings plan, and makes it easy for them to enlist the support of their friends and family.”

“A community-based college savings platform like Scholar Raise allows loved ones to cheer on your child’s milestones by contributing as little as $5, knowing that their gift is going towards something truly great, that will have a lasting impact on the future of your child.”