Vineland, NJ, 13th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, It’s a hard time to be a politician. That’s one rare thing that anyone, from either side of the political aisle, can agree on. It’s most likely never been easy to pursue a career in politics, but the past few years of economic upheaval, social unrest, and international conflict has made politics into what can sometimes be charitably described as a confusing, highly divisive mess.

Despite a fraught political landscape, there are still good people going into politics with noble intentions– keeping the safety and wellbeing of the people in mind and fighting for what’s right. Sean Pignatelli, Congressional New Jersey District 2 Candidate, is one of them.

Some of Sean’s deeply-held convictions come directly from his family. His grandfather, a World War II veteran and Italian immigrant, worked for the Carpenter’s Union; Sean’s father followed suit, and Sean works for the Carpenter’s Union today. These strong family ties, and a personal understanding of the Italian-American experience, have motivated Sean to fight for Italian-American rights.

Generations of discrimination

For those who haven’t witnessed or experienced it, the general perception is that while Italian-Americans were oppressed in the mid-20th century, things are better now. But the lived experience of Sean Pignatelli and his family let us know that we’re not getting the whole story.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Italian immigrants came to the United States to provide labor, making invaluable contributions to the American infrastructure we enjoy today. However, these contributions didn’t receive the thanks they deserved– instead, in the early 20th century, Congress passed a law restricting further immigration. Religious tension was also a factor in the mistreatment of Italian-Americans; many immigrants at the time were Roman Catholic, settling in largely white and Protestant areas of the United States.

Even today, negative stereotypes abound in popular culture– but discrimination against Italian-Americans seems to go largely unnoticed by everyone who isn’t personally affected by it. Sean Pignatelli is fighting to change this, speaking out against marginalization and suppression of Italian-Americans and providing much-needed representation.

The fight for equality 

Pignatelli’s conviction to speak out, for the sake of the silenced and marginalized, has also sparked many of his other campaign priorities. He’s a fierce advocate for women’s rights, asserting that politics really have no place in women’s health care decisions. 

Not only that, he’s motivated to close the wage gap with measures like the Paycheck Fairness Act, and to initiate a federal paid family leave program to prevent anyone from having to make a choice between her child and her career.

Unsurprisingly, Sean’s quest for equality doesn’t stop there: he also firmly opposes anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and believes in the commencement of the Equality Act, which would protect Americans from mistreatment and discrimination based on sexual and gender identity.

Not afraid to go against the grain

The subject of mask mandates has been hotly debated across the United States ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Leadership has been inconsistent regarding the proper handling of the virus, and this inconsistency has come at great cost to the American people, both in terms of lives lost and negative impact on the economy.

A fierce proponent for personal autonomy, Pignatelli believes in ending mask mandates, envisioning a United States where nobody is forced to do anything that goes against their personal beliefs. Isn’t freedom what America is all about?

Our Second Amendment is also an important factor in our personal freedoms as Americans. Pignatelli wholeheartedly stands up for the protection of our Second Amendment rights, believing that as Americans we have the right to bear arms– but we also have to protect our rights by cracking down on illegal purchase and ownership of guns. Punishing those who own and use unregistered firearms will be a valuable and needed step in decreasing homicide rates. 

Personal autonomy, of course, exists best in an environment when law and order are treated with the respect that they deserve. Police officers have experienced a great deal of public backlash over the past few years, but it’s undeniable that without our “Boys in Blue”, our great nation would be a more dangerous place for us all. In brave opposition to those who wish to defund police forces entirely, Sean aims to increase funding to allow for greater officer protection and training.

Compassion and conviction

Too much time is wasted with bickering between political parties, and too many politicians go along with their party’s public beliefs.

A politician following their own convictions and refusing to follow the party line is a rare thing today, but Sean Pignatelli stands out from the crowd with his dream of a brighter future for all of South Jersey.

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