(Via ZEXPR) For Seattle Digital Marketing, the name of the game is data. Coupled with a strategic, client-centric approach to advertising, the firm consistently yields incredible success for businesses no matter what their goals are.

A boutique marketing agency based in Bellevue, Washington, Seattle Digital Marketing continues to find itself at the forefront of innovative, data-driven marketing. This approach has led the experts at the firm into a whole new area of opportunity through state-of-the-art programs and software that allows for hyper-targeted advertising.

Brand first, advertise second

It’s not a secret that the world of marketing and advertising changes on a seemingly daily basis. To keep up with the evolution of the industry, Seattle Digital Marketing Vice President Phil Anderson said it’s all about building a solid brand. This is done by generating quality content, getting media coverage and customer reviews, and of course, hyper-targeted ads.

Branding and advertising must work together, Anderson said, but it’s clear which one must come first, and that’s the brand. He said it’s a frequent misstep he sees with businesses – they’re eager to get advertisements out before they’ve built a cohesive brand.

“A business, especially if it’s new, needs to form a brand before it spends a cent on advertising,” Anderson said. “This can be done through content output, press coverage and social media. Align on a voice, feel and look so that consumers feel a connection and there’s a cohesiveness to your messaging.”

For Anderson and his team, the branding process typically takes around three months. Once that timeline is complete, they begin to use Ad Shadow, their revolutionary new software, to reach consumers through targeted ads. Because of the specificity of the program, engagement is pretty much guaranteed.

On top of the meticulous branding process that Seattle Digital Marketing follows, the firm also uses its proprietary Pro Metric software. This software organizes user data and purchasing behavior by age, race, and location. This allows the agency to go beyond just finding people to target – it also provides a way to study consumer behavior and patterns, allowing them to use the insight for future targeted ads.

Introducing Ad Shadow

In tandem with Seattle Advertising, the agency’s sister company, the team at Seattle Digital Marketing is using Ad Shadow, a new program that uses geolocations to expand ad reach.
One of the primary goals of advertising is not only targeting the main consumer but also following them until they become a viable lead and make a purchase. With Ad Shadow, Seattle Digital Marketing can do this in a revolutionary way.

Developed by the software masterminds at Seattle Advertising, Ad Shadow helps the agency target geolocations to obtain Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses, from desired locations within a five-foot radius. These can come from phones or computers, and the IP addresses serve as a sort of identification code for them.

As the firm captures the IP addresses, the users remain anonymous. Typically, the addresses are taken from specific locations or events. But it doesn’t stop there. Through the Ad Shadow technology, Seattle Digital Marketing is also able to obtain IP addresses from the households of the already-captured addresses. Using activity data, the agency can set targeted ads in sync with when users are most active on their devices.

With Ad Shadow, the firm’s clients can optimize their advertising goals by simply taking advantage of data that already exists. By focusing on users who have already indicated an interest in a business or product, Seattle Digital Marketing is able to expand opportunities for clients and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer trends, wants and needs.

“With this new software, we can make our approach personal,” Anderson said. “Like never before, we can see how our clients’ products and services are being viewed and, in turn, purchased or converted.”

Leveraging this new technology developed by it’s parent company Seattle Software Developers, clients can advertise straight to already-interested consumers. This is captured either because users were browsing related products and services or even physically at competing businesses’ locations.

“Ad Shadow is changing the game,” said Phil Anderson, SR Vice President of Digital Marketing. “Before, advertisers had to wait until consumers visited certain websites. Now, we can get ahead of them based on where they’ve been.”

Not only does Ad Shadow enable the agency to target based on location, but the unique nature of IP addresses also allows them to track users in some ways. However, despite all the data that is collected, Anderson said everything they capture is only used in ethical ways. This means that no one under 18 years old is targeted with ads, and the firm doesn’t use Ad Shadow to push products like prescription medications.

Ad Shadow equals more sales

When a client comes to Seattle Digital Marketing or any agency, they expect the efforts to result in sales. With Ad Shadow, the agency is able to deliver more of that at exponentially higher rates.

Ad Shadow began to work its magic earlier this year, and the agency has seen online purchasing for clients increase by almost 40 percent in some cases. The initial tests were carried out during the pandemic, specifically with a local restaurant. Using the new software, the agency obtained the IP addresses of people who visited a competing restaurant and then sent out a targeted ad offering a discount for their client. Sales went up 28 percent in just a day.

These targeted ads have the highest success rate when they include a call to action, Anderson and Valentine said. They also work best when they include some sort of offer.
“We’re the only ones doing this,” Anderson said. “We’re still conducting tests on a daily basis, but we’re pretty close to having it down pat.”

As the agency continues to use Ad Shadow and keep tabs on its success and progress, it sees itself eventually splitting it into two groups, where one would be specific to medical clients and the other would be a catch-all for all other industries. The medical side would be more about designing ads and branding for individual practices.

“Once a consumer clicks on an advertisement, they’re searching on Google within a matter of seconds,” Anderson said. “You have to make sure you’ve got good branded content out first before you start pushing out ads.”

How branding works with data to spread awareness

Once a contract has been signed with a new client, the team at Seattle Digital Marketing meets with them face-to-face to discuss the branding process. At this time, the agency explains the importance of establishing a cohesive brand that serves as a base for all the other efforts around marketing and advertising.

At this point, the team sets up a meeting to align on strategy and talk about the client’s business goals. For the next steps, the agency will audit the business’s current marketing footprint, which typically includes reviewing its social media content and seeing how the business is doing on the search engines.

After the audit is complete, Seattle Digital Marketing professionals assemble a realistic but thorough tactical plan. This typically centers on content and how the agency will develop, execute, and track the content it will create.

“Before somebody makes a purchase or reservation or appointment, they Google the business,” Anderson said. “That’s why we need to have quality content up and running and a recognizable brand already alive.”

Once the agency has a good understanding of a client’s current state, they get to work on revamping the search engine presence and refreshing social media content. These practices will help make it clear to potential customers what the client is and what they can offer. By having a brand that makes a customer feel understood and comfortable, the client is better equipped to build lasting relationships with consumers.

After the 90 days of building the brand is up, it’s time for the agency to activate its bread-and-butter strategy – data analysis. At this point, Seattle Digital Marketing brings in its engineers to do a deep dive into competitors, online searches and social media activity.

After this insight is captured, the agency gets to work crafting content that falls in line with the data research. Some examples of original content include social media, blogs and articles placed in news media. This allows the client’s name to be living and present in multiple areas of the digital space. Not only will this help potential customers become conversions, but it also helps with the search engine ranking.

Audits and creating new content

When auditing a client’s current content footprint, the search engineers at Seattle Digital Marketing spend time reviewing the company’s existing brand. During this time, they also examine its social media performance and assess whether or not the content is truly engaging from a data and numbers standpoint. They’ll also look at brand voice and if consistency has been established.

After this examination is done, a project manager is brought in to distill the audit findings into an easy-to-digest report for the client to review. This will also include suggestions, action items and feedback.

Once the client is aligned with the findings and feedback, the team will get straight to work on developing and publishing content. At this time, the brand voice, feel and look are developed and bleed into copy, photos and videos.

Blending innovation with client service

When it comes to creating innovative programs that propel clients to success, Ad Shadow and Pro Metric are hardly the first examples. Seattle Digital Marketing, from its inception, has always put data at the forefront of its work, and the agency recruits top talent in the fields of engineering and web design to help capture that data.

“Coding and software have always made their place at the core of what we do,” Anderson said. “We believe that advertising’s future revolves around technology, so we only hire the brightest minds that come from places like Microsoft and Google.”

Still today, a plethora of advertising firms continue to rely on old-school practices like buying billboard space or placing television ads. For Seattle Digital Marketing, software evolution is the better way to go when it comes to pushing out ads.

“Our first priority is the digital and online space,” Valentine said. “This allows for a much more targeted and effective approach. We see significantly better results and can strategize more easily than if we were to pursue old-fashioned tactics like television ads or billboards.”

During the entire process, the team at Seattle Digital Marketing remains committed to having open communication and availability to field questions. The ultimate goal is always one hundred percent client satisfaction.

Some of the other ways Seattle Digital Marketing stays ahead of the curve – and its competitors – is through its thorough auditing system. This way, the agency assigns specified teams to execute tactics based on the business priorities of the client. This not only leads to better results for clients but also builds upon the top-notch customer service that the agency prides itself on.

Seeing the agency as an extension of the team

All too often, advertising and marketing agencies view clients as transactional opportunities for which they’re carrying out a service and offering little more. At Seattle Digital Marketing, this is not the case. The agency’s team makes it a point to grow relationships with clients so that they feel they’re getting more than a roster of professionals to help grow their business – they’re getting an addition to their own team.

Seattle Digital Marketing’s Project Manager Milena Rodriguez echoes this sentiment.

“Our goal is to have a long-lasting, solid business relationship with our clients,” she said. “We work to make sure they know we’re there for them and we wish to see them succeed just as much as they want to themselves.”

When a client signs with Seattle Digital Marketing, they gain project managers, a writer, a photographer, a designer, a videographer, an SEO engineer and a social media ads manager.
All of these roles band together to analyze data and use that information to create original, customized content for clients and their brands.

Adapting and evolving with the future of advertising

Seattle Digital Marketing has a unique edge, as it works seamlessly with its parent company, Seattle Software Developers. With a basis centered on data and software, Seattle Digital Marketing becomes the optimal strategic partner for clients. The team has a deep tech understanding, access to proprietary software and boasts a roster of quality content creators.

As Seattle Digital Marketing looks ahead to evolving in the future, the team feels the number one priority is to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the digital space and adapt as needed.

The agency predicts the future will involve even more of a focus on apps, so that’s what Seattle Digital Marketing plans to keep a sharp eye on. Consumer needs change at a quick pace, and that means marketers and advertisers have to follow along closely in order to be effective with their tactics.

“At our agency, being able to adapt quickly to client needs is something we’re always focused on,” Valentine said. “We’re taking clients’ data and using it to customize so they know we’ve got their business interests at the forefront of all we do.”

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