Sensory Integration Education and Resource Foundation- Brings 2 New Board Members Who Are Dedicated and Talented

Torrance, US, 2nd June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, SIERF is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness and resources to all age groups impacted by sensory processing challenges. Struggles with tolerating touch, smell, taste, noise, movement and visual stimuli may appear in many developmental, behavioral and medical conditions including:  PTSD, autism, many mental health and neurological diagnoses as well as challenges completing normal everyday activities of daily living.

SIERF focuses on providing resources and support services for all those with special needs – especially those in underserved populations. We believe that with the appropriate help, any individual, despite their challenges, can be helped to engage in meaningful and purposeful activities that allow them to participate in important activities appropriate to their abilities.

The special needs population is growing rapidly and there is a tremendous lack of resources available to address those needs. People of all ages are vulnerable. The children in the low income population, in particular, lack the services needed to ensure healthy growth and development. SIERF believes that every individual, regardless of income, has the right to receive necessary services. When children have the appropriate tools and treatment, they can become productive members of society regardless of their disability. The organization’s goal is to ensure that every person that needs help, receives it.

 The SIERF website provides many resources to help understand how sensory processing challenges affect function. Currently, a monthly virtual forum is focusing on providing professional information targeting strategies on how to survive in a Covid-19 environment.  Occupational therapists are available to answer questions and provide strategies though free scheduled consultations.

SIERF welcomes two new dedicated and talented members to the board.

SIERF recently voted to approve Sheena Marie who is the Director of Digital Communication. She is a longtime volunteer and advocate for  She is honored to lend her name and support to this amazing non-profit organization. You can find more about her on  

SIERF also recently approved Ebony Warmack, Ed.S.  She is truly honored to be a board member, where commitment to the special needs community is paramount. You can know more about her work through her organization- , Building Bridges for Autism which provides Autism, Resources and Consultation.

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Published On: June 2, 2022