Shibasaur – the Newest Crypto that is disrupting the DeFi space using innovative contract functions

NY, USA, 23 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, DeFi, or “decentralized finance,” is a term used to describe the variety of financial applications used on the blockchain geared towards disrupting centralized financial systems. Recently, DeFi coins such as SHIBA INU and SAFEMOON have changed simple transfers into more complex financial use cases while bringing in massive returns. Investors seem to still be frustrated with the fact that they didn’t join sooner.

High returns are somewhat common in the DeFi space when finding great projects early on. Shibasaur seems to be the next big DeFi project with one of the most innovative smart contracts in the space. Shibasaur’s PancakeSwap listing announcement has caught the attention of many alt-coin investors who are eager to see how the SHIBASAUR will link meme and utility in Decentralized Finance.

Here are reasons why the Shibasaur will absolutely dominate the DeFi space in the coming months of 2021.

  1. The Shibasaur development team has created one of the most innovative smart contract Decentralized Finance has seen, using a new function called “AutoBoost.” There are few community tokens pushing smart contract boundaries the way that Shibasaur does.

To quickly explain, AutoBoost is a function built into Shibasaur which executes automatic buybacks that adjusts based on trade volume. This reduces the number of shares on the market which increases the percentage of shares owned by investors over time.

  1. Like most DeFi projects, there are fees involved when trading in the market, but the Shibasaur actually funnels the fees through the AutoBoost function, as well as, to Reflection Tokens, which are rewarded to holders for free when owning SHIBASAUR, and also a charity wallet intended for the community to make donations to environmentally friendly charity organizations such as the WWF.
  2. The DeFi space has always been somewhat infected with projects that do not seem to protect their community’s liquidity; Shibasaur developers have taken security to the next level by completely destroying all Shibasaur Liquidity Tokens. “Locking liquidity forever” makes rug pulls impossible. Most projects only lock community liquidity for a period of time, which is safe in the short term, but it’s safety is not sustainable. With Shibasaur, liquidity cannot be touched by anyone. Ever.
  3. Shibasaur will also be releasing their app before 2021 comes to a close. When talking with Nez, the lead developer at Shibasaur, he stated that the app will keep track of all rewarded tokens in real time, as well as, an easy way to swap Shibasaur tokens. And soon they plan to implement a fun customizable Shibasaur experience where holders can customize a shibasaur and rank on leaderboards based on how many tokens they are rewarded. Nez says, “The app is ready, but we can’t begin testing until it is listed on the exchange. We intend to create a way of interacting with our tokens that is one of a kind.”

With an insanely innovative smart contract, free rewards, environmental consciousness, and a whole app, it seems like the Shibasaur will prove itself to be a ruling force in decentralized finance that will be around for a while.

How to Buy Shibasaur

Shibasaur has not officially launched yet, but a somewhat private presale will be open to early community members who want to get their hands on Shibasaur early. Developers have removed all buying fees when buying before public launch. Updates will be posted on the Shibasaur’s website, and on the community Telegram, where developers openly discuss their growth plans.

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Published On: August 23, 2021