Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 4th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Car shipping to Gambia may be a straightforward procedure if you know what needs to be done before and what needs to be done after you make the shipping arrangements. Roads in Gambia are very rough, and just a few have been upgraded. During the rainy season, which runs from June to October, many of the roads floods, making them inaccessible for motor vehicles. People who wish to bring their own car into the nation and use it just for personal purposes may consider investing in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

The Gambia has a single shipping port via which vehicles may be sent in. The port is located in the West African city of Banjul and is accessible by both Ro-Ro shipping and container shipping techniques, according to the port’s website. Your transport provider will be able to advise you on the most cost-effective method of shipping your car to Gambia. Besides directing you on the documentation you must complete prior to shipment, the agent will also advise you on clearing your personal belongings out of your vehicle and any other preparations that may be necessary to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

Methods for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa

When shipping your car to Gambia, it is essential to choose the most appropriate mode of transportation since you have a variety of options for how you want the vehicle delivered to your location in the country. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about the various shipping options available to you during your consultation. Your representative will go over the specifics of each type of shipping and assist you in determining which option is the best fit for your needs and circumstances. The following are the options for shipping cars to Gambia from another country on an international level:

Air Freight – Transporting your automotive to Gambia by air freight is the most cost-effective mode of transportation available. Despite the fact that the cost of air cargo shipping is more than the cost of shipping a vehicle by land, it is the quickest and most secure means of getting a high-end automobile to its destination. When it comes to moving a luxury automotive, air freight is the most cost-effective and safest means of transporting a premium vehicle.

Container Shipping – Your vehicle will be carried inside a container, which will then be placed onto a carrier ship for onward transportation. The usage of container shipping is a fantastic option for those who do not want to transport their personal things or their autos since it is less expensive than transporting their possessions and automobiles by truck. Individuals often choose between the options of sharing a container with another person and using a container purely for their own automobile and/or personal belongings, based on their specific circumstances and needs.

Ro-Ro shipping (Roll-On, Roll-Off). When it comes to international shipping, the use of a carrier ship is the most cost-effective and time-efficient mode of transportation. As soon as the carrier ship lands at its destination port, your vehicle will be transported off the ship, in accordance with the schedule, once you have driven directly onto it and secured it in position. The RoRo method is most often used for shipping cars to West Africa from USA.

Before you ship your car to Gambia

There is some documentation that must be completed prior to exporting a vehicle to any overseas destination, including the Gambia, in order for the vehicle to be accepted. The following are the papers that you will be needed to have:

  • Obtaining a Driver’s Permit
  • Bill of Sale in its original condition.
  • Inscribing your Social Security Number If you will not be present at the port of entry, you must get a Power of Attorney.
  • Registrar’s card for a passport
  • Air waybill (OBL/AWB) is a document that transports goods from one location to another.
  • Proof of residence or employment authorization
  • Certificate of non-sale of goods

The transport agent will go through all of the necessary documentation with you during the consultation for shipping if any further paperwork is required prior to shipment. The transport agency will also be able to go over the port closest to your residence where the automobile will be sent, as well as the port of entry in Gambia, to ensure that everything goes well. It is essential that you obtain a finalised quote from the transport company prior to shipping your car. This quote should include the cost of shipping as well as the cost of container fees if you choose to ship by container, as well as the cost of pickup and delivery if the transport company will be required to pick up and drop off your car.

Gambia Motor Vehicle Requirements and Regulations

If you want to export your vehicle to Gambia, you must comply with a few rules and restrictions that the government has in place. These are the rules that must be followed:

  • The vehicle must be accompanied by the original bill of sale.
  • In Gambia, only left-hand drive automobiles are permitted.
  • 10% Gambian Government Sales Tax
  • Customs Sales Tax

Along with the original Certificate of Title of the vehicle, you’ll need to provide the following information

  • Car Make & Model,
  • Car Year,
  • Engine number,
  • Chassis number.


When going to Gambia, you may contact the United States Border and Protection Agency or Gambia Embassy in Washington, DC for further information on the documentation you will need prior to exporting your automobile, as well as other relevant information about shipping and customs rules in general.

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