24-year-old Ksaveras Jancauskas is a young entrepreneur based in Atlanta who is growing social media influencers’ followers and organizing virtual Influencer events even being on a national lockdown.

Ksaveas Jancauskas is rapidly growing his business which helps influencers and businesses grow their brand and social presence to a large scale. The young businessman pulled in over $500,000 in revenue last year alone.

According to a Yahoo article, Jancauskas created a system called the “Instagram Leverage Framework” which helps influencers and businesses learn how to reach more people in a short amount of time. One of his biggest accomplishments was helping a brand gain 222,100 followers in only 10 days.

The article states, “He also offers a system called “Instagram Leverage.” This service helps influencers to grow way faster and be positioned in a market where they can set their own prices. This system helped him deliver more than 10x ROI for his clients.”

To the question, how did Coronavirus affecting your business right now, Ksaveras answered that he haven’t seen any negative changes, as a matter of fact, he saw an increase in demand for his consultations.