SpaceCatch combines mobile gaming with AR, NFT, and blockchain technology

Prague, Czech Republic, 24th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, SpaceCatch is a brand-new type of game that combines several different technologies.

What is SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is a new game, which aspires to be one of the best games in an essentially non-existent sector that combines classic mobile games with new technologies such as augmented reality (AR), NFT and blockchain. Connecting these technologies will offer players a completely new gaming experience.

Engaging storyline and lots of fun

SpaceCatch takes place in the near future, when aliens invade planet Earth from the Dwingelo 1 galaxy. 

Planet Earth was sold on an interstellar forum to an intelligent race. They wanted to use Earth as an incubator for developing new carbon-based life and using Earth’s healthy photosynthesis. 

However, the aliens encounter strong resistance from the human race, which they did not expect.

They didn’t expect the human race on planet Earth at all. As mentioned in the introduction, these aliens came from the galaxy Dwingeloo 1, about 9 million light years away from us.

They used wormholes to travel to Earth, which cut their travel time to a fraction. But the problem was that the Earth they saw was 9 million years younger due to the huge distance. So, they saw a time when only primitive primates lived on Earth and therefore, they did not expect any resistance.


The goal of SpaceCatch is to create a connection between the Web2 and Web3 sector and to allow gamers to discover a brand-new gaming experience. Unfortunately, most blockchain and play-to-earn games today are based on inflation, where the value is depreciated by high inflation, thus putting pressure on players. The second group is games, which create their token initially. However, they deliver the game a few months later at best, a few years later at worst or not.

In contrast, the development of the SpaceCatch game has been active for several months with a professional team of 30 people. The team is fully doxxed. The launch of the CATCH token is planned after the playable demo version of SpaceCatch. The game has secured external financing; therefore, the sale of tokens or NFTs will only take place after the final product launch – the game.


The basis of any success is a large and supportive community and fan base, of which the SpaceCatch team is fully aware. There are many ways to reward communities. One of the solutions that SpaceCatch brings to its players is a real move-to-earn model. Players will be able to pair the game with various fitness apps. 

Players will earn boxes and packs with different items based on their physical activity. They can then craft different non-NFT potions and boosters with various bonuses from these items. The best and rarest potions will be craftable as NFTs. This means that players can sell them on the market to other players for real money. Classic games offer the sale of various gems or other premium items for which you can replenish your health or energy. 

Thanks to this concept, SpaceCatch leaves all these profits to the players. On the other hand – the game motivates players to be more physically active, as only the most physically active players can create NFT potions and thus earn more by moving.

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Published On: February 24, 2023