Tampa, Florida, 21 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, SpookyShiba is Changing DeFi Ecosystem with Unique NFT Marketplace, Play2Earn Scratchcard Game, First Holder Evolution Technology Video game out for iOS and Android.

Decentralized finance is providing people an opportunity to store currency in a liquidity pool in return for tokens of decentralized contracts! DeFi has grown tremendously due to airdrops of governance tokens, crypto awareness, and improved ecosystems in breakneck speeds. Experts agree that DeFi Ecosystems offer an attractive benefit to fighting inflation and with more understanding as we start to see, the more we see crypto as the future. The whole concept of decentralized finance is the possibility of an autonomous, fair, and free financial system that is free from the government’s grasp. Allowing freedom for others to create their own interest rates and ecosystems is truly an attractive detail to the space.

Issues in DeFi Space

Despite the thriving space of DeFi in this past year, there has been some questions raised with questionable projects in the space, in regards to rugpulls, pump and dumps, issues with smart contracts, automated programs that execute when pre-set conditions are met,  this mostly comes with ignorance of the space as well, as more people understand how it works and more utility comes out it will be easier to navigate, however until that is more common, it is highly risky for a new person. Then usability is also an issue, let’s take an example for Ethereum gas fees, when the network is congested it skyrockets in price to over $500 + sometimes to just make a transaction. 

As the whole ecosystem surrounding DeFi continues to expand, there have been many solutions and alternatives for current issues as well. The Ethereum network was the pioneer for smart contracts and their evolution to the binance smart chain for example, opening up many use cases, including DeFi.

Solutions for the Blockchain

With a lot of problems in the beginning of the DeFi space, came a lot of solutions as well. With more and more tools to help decipher the crypto space came a lot more understanding and helped many people before investing their money into scams or, simply-put, riskier projects. 

Utility is also another issue that has been tackled with games and with more recent use-cases such as NFT-integration, we see more reasons to buy crypto, with use-case, reasons are created to buying a specific currency. A circulating use-case allowing funds from NFTs to benefit the token holders as well is starting to become very popular. Use-cases are just anything that bridges the act of buying the currency into anything useful outside of that action. 

Evolution of DeFi Projects this Year 

2021 has been buzzing with increased activity and projects in DeFi at a parabolic rate. Starting the year of 2021 Decentralised Finance on the blockchains such as Binance, and Etherium, where anyone can use the blockchain to build a project. A blockchain is simply where transactions occur, and anyone can use that blockchain to create any DeFi Project. Only about $500 million total was locked in value at the beginning of 2021, as we write this article there is over $50 Billion that is a 100x more!

Serious Utility; First Ever Shiba Inu Game (Holder Evolution) & Unique NFT Marketplace

Creating utility with a DeFi project is very important for the longevity of a project. SpookyShiba has an upcoming utility with their first ever Shiba inu video game. This game has Holder Evolution technology in which holders decide the outcome of the story and the game. Connecting the story of the game to the NFT Marketplace is in the plans as well.  SpookyShiba does this with their scratch card game, when a user owns at least $100 worth of their token, then the user can play the scratch card game once every day, if the user wins the scratch card game, then the user will receive one of their limited NFTs. Check them out more here

Milestones for SpookyShiba, a DeFi Binance Project

Launched just over a month ago on October 28th, 2021, SpookyShiba is celebrating the biggest release yet. The dev, Wrenn Taylor (also the alias of Lowgun Paul on telegram) has been in the cryptocurrency market since March, 2021 and worked with the Shiba inu and Shibaken Teams before moving to Binance Smartchain. He has been preparing for a big marketing push with the video game tying together a story that will lead to the NFT marketplace’s ultimate release.

Since its launch, the SpookyShiba Scratchcard game is a utility that was created to tie together their NFT Marketplace and the tokens for SpookyShiba currently on the Binance Smart Chain. SpookyShiba has recently listed on Coinsbit and has bounty rewards, and is improving user experience with a platform that will be engaging and rewarding!

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