George Town, Cayman Islands, 20 April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, – In today’s financial paradigm shift, inclusiveness remains an ever-aching challenge for smaller investors looking to get involved with the market’s up-and-coming crypto-centered projects. Dominated by VCs with significant market power and clout, small-scale investors have few opportunities to secure early-stage allocations and lucrative yields. 

Stacker Ventures, a venture DAO, plans to do away with entry barriers, effectively allowing backers to access emerging opportunities from the get-go. Stacker Ventures initially deployed a fund designed to pool users’ assets in hopes of purchasing inspiring utility tokens. In only a few weeks after its launch, SV’s first fund racked up over $10 million in commitments. 

Now, Stacker Ventures is entering the fascinating DeFi market in full force, aiming to facilitate efficient yield farming for its community. 

Stacker Ventures Deploys Yield Funds

DeFi yield farming is a beast of its own, leading to millions in daily revenue for users worldwide. In spite of its sheer potential, yield farming often entails ever-growing gas costs that prove unsustainable for investors lacking significant capital. Moreso, profitable yield farming also necessitates a complex understanding of market mechanics, leaving many would-be investors out of the loop. 

Centralized yield farming options exist, but they lack transparency whilst engaging in predatory practices that rob users of their potential profits. It’s about time that a truly decentralized and transparent alternative emeged. 

Such is the case with Stacker Ventures  as part of its active yield funds, the community may access investment-grade DeFi yields without incurring high gas fees or having to let go of capital security. Funds are therefore non-custodial, with smart contracts ruling over the entire process. Professional managing farmers deploy whitelisted yield strategies voted upon by the community of $STACK holders, who govern over the platform. 

Yields in ETH, WBTC, and USDC

Projected yields vary depending on the strategy deployed, market moves, and the assets pooled together. Getting involved is incredibly easy, only requiring a web3 wallet connection to deposit ETH, WBTC, and USDC. 

Through its unique value offering, Stacker Ventures is able to front-run yield aggregators, granting its treasured community the upper-hand in the fight towards optimal DeFi-based yields. 

To learn more about Stacker Ventures, check out their Docs, Discord server, and Telegram community.

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