Florida, US, 2nd Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Some might say that the pricing of NFT art isn’t based on any credible foundation and that it may seem someone can just make up a number on a whim. In the established art world, there are basic earmarks or credentials that are used to validate what an art piece can fetch especially when it comes to blue-chip pieces. In most instances, there is a documented history of what museums have had it on display or what classical training the artist has had, how old the piece is, or transactional history, but in the new world of NFT’s, this doesn’t exist. Enter Stacy Engman, introducing the first blue-chip NFT collection to premiere during this year’s Art Basel week at the Sagamore Hotel with BitBasel.

Art insider and art history expert Stacy Engman is setting the new standard of what a blue-chip NFT collection and precedence of what a blue-chip artist qualification should look like. This series consists of unique art historical masters whereby 100 are being released during Art Basel, Miami, expanding on this series – including many works that have fetched the highest price at auction historically, and included in important museums.

This series consists of art historical masters whereby 100 are being released during Art Basel, Miami. The collection of 100 is officially the most expensive NFT offering in the world – $450,000,000 for the full collection, well surpassing Beeple’s 5,000 Days for $69 million. Individual collection pieces start at $4,500,000 for this animated series and are garnering attention from serious collectors already setting viewing appointments. Collectors include Elon Musk, prominent hedge funds, and Hollywood luminaries.

Be sure to include in your schedule her “Masterworks and Magnificent Gems Collections” opening on Thursday, December 2 11:am-1:pm with BitBasel in the Sagamore Hotel located at 1671 Collins Ave, South Beach.
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