(Via ZEXPR) Education is an important field globally because it is the centre of research and economic growth depends on the quality of education provided by the country. This is why major economic powers globally are regions that emphasize education, providing necessary finance and support to the Academic sector.

The past decade has witnessed the rise of blockchain products and resulted in major demand for blockchain specialists globally. However, educational institutions are behind, with many not offering blockchain courses and programs.

The blockchain industry is yet to channel its attention to this sector, with no single project currently dedicated to the educational sector. Student Coin focuses on the existing problems in the education sector and proffers blockchain-based solutions.

Student Coin a revolutionary project

Student Coin is designed to introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to students. Unsurprisingly the idea for the project was conceived in a university institution. In 2018, a group of students led by Wojciech Podobas designed an educational token for students in the Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland.

The project initially called ALK Student Coin was rebranded to Student Coin following the success among students. In 2019, the Student Coin project experienced a significant expansion with other universities added to its ecosystem.

Youtube Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCnr71MK6OY

Currently, Student Coin has a presence in over 200 institutions globally and has more than 5000 members. The project’s main purpose is to introduce a cryptocurrency standard for education and unite students globally via blockchain technology.

Education-based approach

Student Coin is an education-based blockchain project and this is evident with the educational panel available on the platform. Students globally are directly introduced to courses on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The courses have been prepared by expert academics and are delivered in a way that allows students to grasp the key elements of the topics. The project will also provide more courses teaching students to learn how to invest, exchange and trade digital currencies.

Expansive Ecosystem

The Student coin ecosystem is expansive and includes the STC Terminal, STC Exchange and STC wallet sections. Each section is created to provide blockchain-based solutions using the native token STC tokens.

STC Terminal

STC terminal is a unique platform that enables companies, universities, student bodies and individuals to build and create blockchain projects. The terminal also enables tokenization on an extensive scale.

STC terminal utilises a user interface, where anyone can create tokens pegged to the native STC token. STC terminals also provide the ideal environment for students to develop Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are typically tokenized works of art, music and even physical properties built on blockchain.

The STC terminal is currently in development and will be launched in Q3 2021. When fully operational, it offers endless possibilities for the Student Coin ecosystem.

STC Exchange

STC Exchange is the trading hub of the Student Coin ecosystem and allows users to exchange popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and STC token (STC). It will also support all STC-based tokens developed from the STC terminal.

The exchange is expected to be launched in Q3 2021 and will be the major trading center for universities within the Student Coin ecosystem.

STC Wallet

Student Coin offers an inbuilt crypto wallet for the storage of STC tokens. Since it is a multichain wallet, it also supports other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ethereum. The wallet will also support all tokens that are built on the STC terminal. STC Wallet has multiple options for users offering charts and additional information on the top coins and latest trends in the STC ecosystem.

Current developments on Student Coin

Student Coin has continued to make developments following its roadmap and is currently in its ICO phase. The ICO os STC token was launched in February and is expected to run until April 30.

Due to the extensive network of schools already on the Student Coin ecosystem, the ICO was able to generate attention globally. Since its launch, over $13 million worth of STC tokens have been purchased during this period.

The Student Coin made the ICO easy to participate in by providing different payment options for investors. Investors can pay via cryptocurrencies by using crypto exchange Coinbase or connecting their Metamask wallets to the launchpad. There is also a fiat option for investors who can simply use their credit or debit cards to purchase STC tokens.

STC token is currently up by over 150% since the ICO began in February. There are plans to list the token on five exchanges by the end of May. Currently, STC is available for trading on four exchanges: Cointiger, Uniswap, waves.exchange and kanga.exchange.

Student Coin has immense potential and offers a sustainable project that can transform the current education system. It has taken a significant step in the educational industry and could become the leading blockchain platform in the sector.

To learn more about Student Coin, visit its website at https://www.studentcoin.org/ and ICO launchpad https://studentcoin.app/.