Dubai, UAE, 10th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, For most students, studying abroad can turn their lives around. In a way, it has a positive effect on them, helping them grow into independent, emotionally stronger and broad minded individuals. Most students who have opted to do their higher studies abroad call it their best decision!

Students who choose to enrol at a university in a foreign country often do it to study in a better environment, gain better exposure, for a change of scene, to experience other cultures, to master a new language, or to embark on new adventures. For students who tend to be shy and introverted, studying abroad may bring them out of their shells. 

According to students who have returned after their university degree, there are a number of other advantages of pursuing your education in a new place, far away from your home country. “Initially, all my weekends were spent exploring the countryside, which was a learning experience in itself. I would say it helped me develop on a different level,” says Sarah, a Stanford graduate who has just returned to be with her parents in Dubai. Before she left to the US for her higher studies, she was an IB student and had attended career counselling sessions with Dr Anil Khare. 

Dr Anil Khare is a top career guidance expert known for providing premium career counselling services in the Middle East. 

“I was clueless on how to go about applying to study abroad from Dubai, which universities to choose, whether I should leave my family to study overseas even! Dr Anil Khare not only advised me on the advantages and encouraged me to apply but also guided me through the whole process, making it so much easier for me. I am ever so grateful to him and his team of career counsellors in Dubai.”

Dr Anil Khare has an expansive knowledge on universities abroad, including their fee structure, the courses they offer, extra curricular and student development programs, scholarship options and application guidelines. He has a successful track record of getting students gain admission into the top universities in the world including the IVY LEAGUE. “Study abroad helps the student step out of their comfort zones,” says Dr Khare. “It paves the way for accepting different cultures and ways of life, and the students come home with plenty of unforgettable memories. At the same time, they become responsible as far as their studies are concerned and often graduate with flying colours.”

Taking the step to study abroad may often be a bold decision. However, it is one of the best ways to improve academically, build an impressive resume, learn basic networking skills and form deeper connection with the self and the world. We wish everyone who is applying this year all the best!

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