Success Story of Dr. Yash Pandey Who Founded Priya Hospital Varanasi.

Varanasi, India, 4 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, With over years of experience in helping patients and their family through illness Dr. Yash Pandey has been very diligent and committed towards his profession.

During his early ages he started to be a keen observer and wanted to help people in many ways. His passion for medical science was on peek since his school days. He used to maintain a notebook of things he learned during school days and gathered information .apart from school life he used to merge with experienced and well designated people just to learn things about medical science. This grew his interest more and more day by day which at last made him a well known doctor.

His great knowledge and passion of work made him such remarkable person that he became idol for many students perusing medical. When it comes to his education we can start with his MBBS in the year 2014 and MS in the year 2017


He completed his Gastrointestinal in the year 2018 . His passion for work and his dedication towards his profession made him the youngest well known doctor in his family and even in his workplace. Till date he has performed 10000 surgeries which is a great achievement. And he says that he has just begun and his journey for performing most successful surgery is still yet to be achieved.

If we talk about Dr. Yash Pandey achievements ?

  1. Director of Priya Hospital.
  2. Director of SAS Hospital
  3. Emerald Royale builders and Developers Pvt.Lltd
  4. Director at SAS Ayurveda medical college and hospital.
  5. Director at Skin cline of skin & hair institute
  6. SAS College of nursing Indian institute of biotechnology & paramedical sciences Varanasi.

He has more than 20 research publications More than 50 case publications both national & international. He was awarded in the year 2019 in fellowship in international college of surgeons in 2019 He went for fellowship of gastrointestinal & bariatric surgery at GEM hospital Coimbatore under renowned G.I SURGEON Dr.C.Palanivelu. He has done his senior residency at IMS (B.H.U).


His family background is also as great as his profession. Dr Yash Pandey was born on 21st June 1989 in Varanasi. Being the son of a well known physician and gynecologist his growing years and learning helped him to be more attentive towards his goals. His father Dr. Ashok Pandey a consultant physician and mother Dr. Geeta Pandey an amazing well known gynecologist played an important role in his life. As they were the one whom he looked as an inspiration. His brother also a part of medical world known as – Dr. Anish Pandey specialized in Anesthesia & Critical care is also a well professional person in his field.

As a renowned surgeon Dr. Yash Pandey is also well known for his patience, dedication, kindness and detailed attention towards every case he gets. He had been spending most of his time in treating patients and apart from that he has been a great mentor and he likes to take some educational seminars for new comers so that they could understand the concept of joining a medical field. He shares his experience with other students and help them to polish their passion and understand the importance of being a doctor. His hobby is to learn new things about being a surgeon and more about different kinds of surgeries .so that he can achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the name in top ten doctors in India.

When asked about his favorite quote or Phrase he always mention only one thing to others  …”If you want to be happy, and not just for one day, focus on the things that will help you remain positive over time. Because a positive attitude can do more than just make you feel good—it could also change your life.”

Dr. Yash Pandey believes in charity and had been taking part in many different ways and had given his time and dedication towards helping people. If we mention his charity events we can probably start by saying his role in distribution of foods for the people in need during the huge pandemic known as COVID-19.

He took a huge step during the pandemic to help the starving people by providing them medical care. He provided COVID-19 vaccinations free to poor people who were 60+ in age so that they can be cured. He also did charity in education field by Adopting schools affiliated with round table India organization.

Every month Dr. Yash Pandey treats at least 10 patients who are not capable to pay the fee or having no expenses to spare on their medicine with free service from his own clinic .He even takes care of such patients personally and he helps them to live there life happily. He organizes Free health camps and even distribute free medicine to those who are in need. He is married to Dr. Ria Rai (MBBS,MD)who is a professional dermatologist in the year 2018.Both of them now serve the country as a good citizen and perform their duties to help and treat their patients with all knowledge and experience they have learned .

Dr. Yash Pandey, Founder & CEO Priya Hospital 

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Published On: June 4, 2021