Tokyo, Japan, 14 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, For those that may not know, SwapXI is the world’s first decentralized finance offering. The platform is made by gamers and used by gamers all over the world. SwapXI provides all stakeholders, including investors, traders, gamers, advertisers, streamers, and viewers with a remuneration option.

The team at SwapXI is pleased to announce the introduction of its payment gateway for the gaming community. SwapXI is the world’s first decentralized finance offering (DFO) on the gaming market. The project reflects all the benefits of a transparent initial coin offering (ICO).

SwapXI is created for the rapidly growing gaming industrywhere each part builds on the other.It also connects the world of blockchain with the regular economy, and therefore offers investors, gamers, streamers and viewers added value.

Furthermore, after 4 weeks of public sales, the project achieved a market capitalization of over USD 10 million.

Why Should You Join The SwapXI Bandwagon?

SwapXI is the world’s first DFO bringing innovative concepts to the sporting and gaming space. Here’s why you should consider being a part of the SwapXI bandwagon:

Streamer and viewer benefits

Streamers and viewers on the SwapXI network will have a cause to smile. They will be rewarded for viewing or streaming their favorite games.

Bet and ranking portal for e-sports

If you’re a sporting enthusiast that plays sports betting on a regular basis, you will find SwapXI useful. SwapXI has a bet and ranking portal where you can visit to learn the latest happenings in the sporting world. This will give you an edge to place winning bets.

NFT marketplace

NFT is an acronym for “Non-fungible tokens.” SwapXI has an NFT marketplace where content creators can showcase their digital works for their target audience to purchase. If you can make digital collectibles, you’ll make money on the SwapXI protocol.

Gaming marketplace

As with the NFT marketplace, if you can create or develop in-game assets, there is a marketplace for you to showcase the assets and make money from your efforts. SwapXI will be attracting millions of streamers, viewers, advertisers, and gamers; so, if your in-game assets are appealing to them, they will purchase to support the growth of the project.

The Team

The project is developed by a team of e-sports enthusiasts, business leaders, and advisors. The team has expertise and track record in marketing, development, finance, and licensing. The team is led by Hirata Xī’ān, who doubles as the CEO and Investors.

He is ably assisted by a number of tech-savvy professionals, including Chino Masumi, who is the CTO & Blockchain Developer and Matsuzaki Masayoshi, a Game Developer. The CCO of the team is no other person than Kaj Kaori. The project has a number of Advisors who worked round the clock to see to the fruition of the project.

About SwapXI

SwapXI is the world’s first decentralized finance (DeFi) offering that strives to take gaming to a paid level. SwapXI uses the latest blockchain technologies to manage NFT marketplace, streaming, and gaming under one roof. In other words, SwapXI can also be described as a payment platform for gamers. It uses blockchain technology to deliver top-notch value for streamers, gamers, advertisers, and viewers in a powerful and integrated ecosystem. 

SwapXI is designed and developed for gamers by gaming enthusiasts. It is released on the Tron Network, which makes its token compatible with different exchanges, wallets, as well as third-party services. SwapXI is poised to deliver value and reflects all the advantages of a transparent ICO.

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