Take The Bull By The Horns With BullRun2.0

Cape Coral, Florida, 24 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The cryptocurrency market has opened up galvanizing opportunities for an immense magnitude of individuals, including investors, traders, eSports gamers – and now professional poker players. Ryan Rose, from Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Canada) with a team of 14 full-time employees has taken on the task of creating a token on the Binance Smart Chain that will modify the way all youth sports are viewed all over the world. The BullRun2.0 token was inspired by the 1996 Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball Team, all the way down from their Bull, to their mentality of dominance shown on the court in their historic playoff run, to their passion of giving back to the community.  As a result, the BullRun2.0 ecosystem will find a way to symmetrically integrate the disconnect between underprivileged kids and youthful sports organizations. Hence, the team at Bull Run 2.0 is pleased to announce the launching of its highly anticipated token BullRun2.0 ($br2.0) to the crypto world. 

BullRun2.0 is a community-focused Defi token powered by the Binance Smart Chain. It corresponds to a unique investment opportunity that permits the entire community to take full benefit of the cryptocurrency revolution and the current bull cycle while allowing kids to empower themselves with life-building qualities through team sports. This charity-focused token will also provide utility by empowering the investors’ to decide the best ways to use charity funds. Together – the team of BullRun2.0, their community, and the local sports organizations around the globe- can make a real difference by proudly creating the bond of decentralization and athletic opportunities for underprivileged youth and families.

The 1996 Chicago Bulls were one of the most beloved sports teams in the history of sports and were the true intuition behind the BullRun2.0 team’s vision when creating this coin! Michael Jordan is regarded as the most superior athlete of all time and his 1996 year-long demonstration was his greatest season ever. His Airness put forward the most accomplished season in NBA history by winning multiple individualistic awards but also the much desirable NBA championship. 

However, coin creator Ryan Rose said, “This coin was not built because of the impressive season one player. It was built because of the full team of the 1996 Chicago Bulls and their faithfulness to always performing as a unit (in even the most undesirable times, like Game 5 of the NBA finals when Michal Jordan had the flu), to their characteristics of complete dominance shown each and every night on the court mastered by their long hours of dedication of practice, and their willingness to help the local community. Inspired by those values, we will make the BullRun2.0 token become the brand that team sports of all organizations come to trust. We may be considered a “meme” coin with our amazing logo, but I promise you this project will do a lot more than just make you money. Of course, now we’re in the bull cycle of the Crypto market, and investors of our coin will be greatly rewarded, but the goal here is to make money for our investors through our strong marketing habits and powerful connections in the industry while making sure we build these life-changing values learned through team sports for all underprivileged kids and their families. We want to make this a social movement.”

The BullRun2.0 tokenomics is reasonably uncomplicated with a total circulation of 960 trillion coins. There is a 5% sales tax for every buy (3% to holders, 2% to burn wallet) and a 10% tax on every sale (5% to marketing, 3% holders, 2% to burn). There is a special feature on the contract where the reflections to their marketing wallet use swap and liquify which automatically turns those reflections to BNB. The end result -you don’t have to sell our own tokens for marketing money, and combined with the burn function – should allow for the BullRun token to have a lot of room for growth. On certain market cap milestones, the BullRun2.0 team will provide several reward options for investors to choose from:

7 Million MC “Toni Kukoc” Reward:

⁃ Apple iPhone 12 128GB

⁃ PlayStation 5 

⁃ 100B Bullrun 2.0 token 

⁃ HP Gaming Laptop HD 15.6inch 

9 Million MC “Ron Harper” Reward:

⁃ Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch 256 GB

⁃ HP spectre X360 13.5 inch 

⁃ 150B Bullrun 2.0 token 

⁃ Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max 256GB 

13 Million MC “Luc Longely” Reward:

⁃ LG C1 77inch self-lit OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 

⁃ $7000 cash USD 

⁃ 250B Bullrun 2.0 token 

⁃ $7k Voucher your choosing 

33 Million MC “Scottie Pippen” Reward:

⁃ State-of-the-art home entertainment kit including office/study.

 ⁃ 750B BullRun 2.0 token

 ⁃ $30,000 voucher your choosing

50 Million MC “Starting 5” Reward:

⁃ $40,000 cash USD

 ⁃ Trip to MALDIVES flights and accommodations paid for 7 nights plus $2000 cash to spend

 ⁃ 1T Bullrun 2.0 token 

 ⁃ $40,000 voucher your choosing

91 Million MC “Dennis Rodman” Reward:

⁃ Tesla – specs and all equating to $100K 

⁃ Trip around the world all expenses paid ( max 3 months ) 

⁃ 2.5T Bullrun 2.0 token 

 ⁃ $100,000 cash USD 

230 Million MC “Michael Jordan” Reward:

⁃ Michael Jordan Fleer RC (Rookie Card) BGS 9.5-10

⁃ $300,000 Cash USD 

⁃ 4T Bullrun 2.0 token

⁃ Lamborghini Aventador

500 Million MC “ALL STAR” Reward:

⁃ Ferrari 812

⁃ Ferrari GTC4

⁃ 5T Bullrun 2.0 token

⁃ $400,000 cash USD

1 Billion MC “MOON STARS” Reward:

⁃ Ferrari SF90

⁃ Charizard BGS 10 

⁃ 10T Bullrun 2.0 token 

⁃ $800,000 cash USD

The roadmap for the BullRun2.0 team consists of many elaborate marketing events forthcoming. In addition, in phase 3 of the project, an NFT marketplace will be built for the ecosystem. This may include NFTs that were recently minted by the Chicago Bulls for the public, but will also consist of their own limited NFT designs. Partnerships with celebrities in the sports industry are where the focus lies for this group, and rightfully so. CoinHunt, BlockFolio, Bogged Finance, Trust Wallet, Bitmart, and Hotbit are all exchanges that this project will be available on in the near future. 

With the true qualities that team sports provide individuals, the BullRun2.0 is a social movement that many crypto investors will support. The traits learned by these underprivileged communities will lead to a stronger person when that individual has their own family and professional career. Qualities such as hard work, commitment, resoluteness, courageousness, and more are just some examples of these habits enlightened in team sports. The Bull Run seems to be gearing up in the crypto market for another huge spike upcoming and what better to invest in it with the token that provides such an amazing opportunity to help local sports organizations reach those who would not have a chance to play because of their circumstances. It’s the gap that decentralization and team sports have missed for years. With the lead developer, Ryan Rose being fully doxxed and with the support of many big-time developers in the industry, this project surely will spark another Bull Run 2.0 in your portfolio. 


Contract Address:  0xe0062a28798f85388da4355fe8a1bb4ec921ed3

Website: https://www.bullrun2-0.com/

Chart: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xe0062a28798f85388da4355fe8a1bb4ec921ed3a

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BullRunDefi

Telegram: https://t.me/TheBullRun2

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Published On: August 24, 2021