Tanya Henley-Cole Comes Up With Love in Her Life In Her New Book

Atlanta, GA, 11th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, This book Love vs Life by Tanya Henley-Cole is about actual events in the writer’s life about how she chose love/family above the life she sought. She felt doing what she wanted for herself was selfish. As a result, she lost touch with who she was, and the people around her chose the lives they wanted for themselves. In her 40s, she is discovering her true self for the first time. Now that the kids are grown and living the lives they want, my ex and I can move on. She is hoping women learn from her blunders of forgiving those who continued to show her they were not loyal to her by listening to their intuitions about their lives and that it is acceptable to establish limits. It aims to tell women that it is not selfish to live a life that brings them joy.

The author raised a common misunderstanding about “selecting one’s own self” in her book. It is believed this is because it is paired with other problematic ideas. To progress forward in life, one does not have to be morally reprehensible, self-centered, or disrespectful to others or one’s environment to choose the self. Choosing you isn’t about viewing life as a rat race, using covert and underhand ways to achieve what you want, when you want, by whatever means possible.

Na’Tasha made the conscious decision not to live her life according to her expectations. Instead, she chose the lives of the people she loved, and in response, those persons picked herself or others with little hesitation. Na’Tasha spent half of her life taking care of everyone, but herself and her reward was deceit and heartbreak.

Heartbreak is evidence that a person loves with complete sincerity and the bond that hurts severely when broken. Na’Tasha believed she loved with integrity but looking back, she saw she lacked self-love, which is needed to have self-respect. It’s also critical to make a case for respect from those around you. The mental and physical toll of experiencing a heartbreak may be devastating. It is a tremendous biological phenomenon that can’t be measured. This book highlights instances of what Na’Tasha and other women suffer with after choosing love vs life. That women’s great intuition often gives warning signs which are ignored is a sad aspect of life.The book is found on Amazon


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Published On: February 11, 2022