Tavicare Launches New Vitamin Supplements to Help Residents of Washington DC Live Their Life to the Fullest

Chevy Chase, MD, 14th June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The human body is constantly evolving. As life changes, our bodies rise to the challenge. However, since evolution is a process that spans millions of years, biology can’t keep up with the twenty-first century’s characteristically rapid lifestyle. People must struggle to keep their physical and mental health from being affected by circumstances. If they are unable to do so, they have two options. To revamp their way of life as per their body, or to be constantly at odds with biology. For some, neither is an option.

Tavicare’s philosophy believes that there is a third option: using super-specialized treatment and creating multi-pronged plans of action to target specific problems. The new vitamin supplements are designed to empower the body to handle anything, but not necessarily on their own. Rather than stopping at a prescription, this age-management clinic uses extremely focused testing procedures.

Of course, there are certain conditions for which the medical community does not entirely understand the causation. However, even for these conditions, the details given by procedures like micronutrient testing and gastrointestinal mapping are crucial to treatment. Depression treatment, for example, would normally involve antidepressant pills. However, these pills often have side effects like lowered libido and weight gain. Given that depressed persons are trying to regain their vitality, feeling a disconnect with one’s body or sexuality can impair that.

That’s why Tavicare employs contemporary methods. After getting a good idea of the workings of a person’s body, they create a plan combining medication, nutrition, supplements, and maybe even essential oils.

A spokesperson stated, “We understand that the medication we administer is perhaps the most effective treatment for most illnesses, but we can control how the body receives it by supporting it with things like supplements. We work with our patients to help them get their bodies to a point where they can fulfill their goals without having to make adjustments. Our treatments have proved effective because they are comprehensive. Instead of treating the patient, we introduce the biological tools they need to do whatever they want. Supplements are a big part of that.”

By taking these vitamin supplements, one can maintain a health standard that will help ward off infections and fight off ailments and infections more easily.

About Tavicare

Tavicare is a functional health clinic based primarily in Maryland. Dr. Delara K. Tavakoli, who heads the practice, takes pride in the modern medical miracles they have been able to perform. By integrating cutting-edge techniques, they can develop customized treatment plans for each patient. This can include nutrition, essential oil, hormone therapy, and more. To learn more about functional health, use the contact details below.

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Published On: June 14, 2022