Tenace Reveals Its Plan to Bring Security and Sustainability to DeFi

Colorado, USA, 24th June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, As a new player in the DeFi market, Tenace has a clear vision for its future. Sustainability, security, speed, and scalability are the four cornerstones of the platform. 

The team has disclosed its competitive strategy to help people profit from the cryptocurrency market in the long run.

Tenace Competitive Proposal

With a hold bonus of 0.1 percent, Tenace Farm provides its farmers with a baseline interest rate of 4 percent every day. Long-term staking can raise crypto fans’ daily rate of return. BNB investments allow traders to make a 200 percent return on their portfolios.

In addition, the basic interest on the smart contract rises by 0.1 percent for every 500BNB TVL. There is a three-tiered referral benefit of 5% of the total purchase price. 

Tenace knows that user confidence and support are critical for a project’s success. People who spread the word about the initiative will receive a competitive reward from the team.

Specifically, there are three tiers of referrals, each of which can earn 1%, 1.5%, or 2.5% in benefits.

A Project Looking at the Long Term

In order to attract a bigger pool of investors, the team has designed many options for consumers joining the Tenace system. For example, Tenace plans to give investors the chance to have multiple streams of passive income. 

The team plans to achieve this result by incorporating multiple networks into its system. 

Tenace will have its own token, wallet, and swap platform. In order to encourage the ecosystem’s development, Tenace uses a system of farming fees.

The Project’s Security Audits

The smart contract received a positive audit report from Solidity Finance and Solidproof. Smart contract audits are publicly available for anyone interested in consulting them. 

Another vital aspect to note is that, for security reasons, this smart contract is immutable. Tenace’s developers cannot edit it in any way after the project’s launch.

Finally, Tenace explained that, after the deposits, users do not need to do anything else to see their rewards grow.

Other Important Aspects of Tenace Ecosystem

Whales will have difficulty joining this project because of the cycles of deposits and withdrawals and the limits that Tenace uses. As long as traders don’t take out money daily, they’ll gain an extra 0.1 percent each day. 

In other words, withdrawing money causes opting out of this extra-reward system. 

Tenace Farm assures a long-term supply of revenues that will be consistent and dependable over time. Compounding investments can yield up to 200 percent on earnings if a user chooses to reinvest them.

About Tenace

Tenace Farm is a cryptocurrency mining operation running on the BNB Chain. The project’s team consists of seasoned crypto enthusiasts working to benefit other blockchain fans. 

Tenace Farm is a simple and practical approach to increasing the traders’ portfolios. Users need to make sure they have enough BNB in their wallets so that they may invest and trade on Tenace.

In the crypto passive income sector, Tenace aims to stand out by delivering a unique solution. The team came up with a referral program to help the community spread the word about the project. 

Interestingly, the project wants a low and stable return on investment (ROI) over the long term. The project’s intentions are clear: a lower ROI can bring sustainability to the project, avoiding the mistake of overshooting.

The public has easy access to important information about Tenace on the project’s website and the pages below.

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Published On: June 24, 2022