TetherMoon, carbon-negative blockchain, prepares to launch mainnet

Málaga, Spain, 15 Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The development team at TetherMoon, a carbon-negative blockchain that uses mainly solar power to run nodes and services, is testing a test network and preparing to launch the mainnet.

TetherMoon is a blockchain startup that is the world’s first and currently only carbon-negative blockchain. TetherMoon was created to deliver services to organizations wishing to integrate blockchain into their structure. With BaaS(Blockchain as a Service), TetherMoon aims to help projects make the necessary infrastructure beyond the creation of a conventional token. 

TetherMoon BaaS will help companies unlock the full potential of blockchain technology:

  • project support in developing infrastructure as well as their own blockchain and implementing sub-networks in TetherMoon, with co-creation and sharing of blockchain solutions on a paid and free basis.
  • data security and transparency, thanks to cryptography
  • project scalability 
  • The cheapness of using TetherMoon BaaS

TetherMoon nodes are powered by solar energy and other CO2-free solutions, an important innovative introduction to the project.

The TetherMoon team introduces the new innovative inclusive consensus mechanisms (PoE, proof of earnings) and (DpoE, delegated proof of earnings) as well as the frictionless elastic validator mechanism which features a unique selection mechanism.

One of the main goals of TetherMoon is to create a scalable and easy to use solution for renewable energy certificates by utilizing partnerships to greatly reduce the transaction costs and cut out middlemen.

Also,TetherMoon opens up a bigger and more inclusive renewable energy certificates market by introducing partial credits powered by blockchain technology.

TetherMoon was created by an experienced team of developers, currently 14 employees working on blockchain and more than 50 employees on other elements of the project. 

At the moment the project is ahead of the roadmap and the team has announced the launch of the main network by Q2 2022 which was originally planned for Q4.

The platform will be powered by a $TRM token based on Binance Smart Chain. It can be purchased on Pancakeswap as well as many DEXs on BSC. Once mainnet is launched, the token will migrate to the TetherMoon blockchain.

Token Address(BEP20):0x7EBc08B3D43c3989F2CdfB6aEFADAf28bC148665

There is a 20% commission on the purchase and sale of token $TRM

  • 4% rewards for holders in USDT
  • 3% liquidity pool
  • 5% marketing
  • 8% Buy Back

If you are interested in this project, you can find more information about it on official resources:

Website: https://tethermoon.io/index.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tethermoon?s=09

Telegram: https://t.me/TETHERMOON

Media contact:

[email protected]

Published On: February 15, 2022