Novi, Michigan, 24th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Of all of the different types of medical equipment, syringes and needles are more common.  While they may seem like a mundane product, a fair amount of research and development is invested in new products and technologies.  As new standards for safety emerge, we continue to see new, innovative products debut on the market that improves on many aspects, including comfort and infection control. has created a list of the Top 10 Safety Needles and Syringes for 2022.  In this list, we take an up-close look at some of the best safety needles on the market as ranked by user ratings and our expert analysis.

What are the different types of safety needles?

Although there are several different safety needles, they can all be broken down into two main categories.  The first group falls under the umbrella term of “auto-disable.”  This type includes products like the BD AutoShield, which has an internal mechanism that is destroyed when the product is removed from its original package. This makes it impossible for someone to use or re-use them on another person, significantly reducing the risk of infection and blood contamination.

The other category would include reusable (or standard) syringes and needles like those used by people with diabetes to inject insulin.  These types do not have any locking mechanism or self-destruct feature, so they are more risk than auto-disable products in terms of potential infection or cross-contamination. 

What are the benefits of using safety needles?

There are numerous benefits to using syringes and needles that fall under this category, but the most important is the reduced risk of infection associated with their use.  Those who need to inject themselves with medication or receive injections for medical conditions (such as diabetes) can avoid worrying about receiving a disease through blood contamination if they have access to auto-disable products.  Not all companies produce both types of products, so it’s important to double-check before purchasing any new equipment. Another benefit would be the added comfort these products offer over traditional ones.  Many design features allow for more easily.

How do you activate the safety device on a syringe? 

The activation process will vary from product to product, but in general, it’s a relatively simple procedure that involves twisting or compressing certain parts of the needle.  Auto-disable products can generally be identified by a small arrow on the grip of the syringe that points towards the end in need of a hand. Once a person has located this, they should look for a small tab to pull or twist to unlock and activate the locking mechanism. Once complete, they insert the device into their medication vial and press down, injecting their contents with ease! 

What is an auto-disable safety syringe?

An auto-disable safety syringe is designed so that when removing its protective cover, it automatically locks itself into place, leaving it useless to anyone else yet entirely usable by the person holding it.

This type of safety device has many benefits for those who have diabetes or any other condition that requires frequent injections with an insulin needle.  They are designed to remove the product from its original packaging prevent another person from using it on themselves, significantly reducing the risk of infection or accidental injury. 


If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself and your patients from the risks associated with needle usage, then auto-disable safety needles are an excellent choice.  This is especially true if you have children due to the added risk of them accidentally pricking themselves, which can cause not only blood contamination but also significant pain. Although there are some disadvantages to these products, they are minimal, and the numerous benefits they offer can prevent someone from contracting a severe illness.  Just be sure to double-check which type is compatible with your medical product before purchase!

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