(Via ZEXPR) Since the COVID-19, the trend of online education is spreading really fast. Institutes are not only teaching online but are also examining students online.

Where online education has many pros regarding health, research, e.t.c, there are also many disadvantages to it as well.

Teachers give assignments to students to get an idea of their abilities. But some lazy bluffers take advantage of studying online and do their work as fast as pressing Ctrl c and Ctrl v.

In this case, teachers and examiners need to make sure that they are giving students scores according to their honest work.

That’s why it is important for them to use a plagiarism checker to check the uniqueness of academic papers.

In this article, you will find the 7 most useful plagiarism detectors best for institutes and teachers.


Prepostseo It is one of the most accurate plagiarism checkers you can find online. It is used by many students to scan their work before submitting it. Teachers also rely greatly on this tool due to its high efficiency.

It is very simple to use. You can copy-paste your text or upload any saved file from your computer. It also has a mobile application. Plans are very budget-friendly.

This tool checks the internet for any matched results and highlights them. it Not only checks on the internet sources but also on multiple databases and online libraries. If there is some paraphrased line, this tool will also let the user know it.

It tells the score at the side and the matched sources for citation convenience. Teachers can buy the premium plan to use it for a large number of queries.

Free users can check 1000 words per query. It is an international tool. This means teachers can check documents in various languages such as Espanol, French, Indonesian, e.t.c

Moreover, the teacher can download or copy the result to show it to their students.


Turnitin is used by institutes and universities all over the world. It is specially built for the use of professors and teachers. Students can only have access if the teacher gives permission.

Students cannot get away with plagiarism if their teachers use Turnitin. Institutes can subscribe to Turnitin to give their educators access to it since an individual teacher cannot use it.

It also has an automatic grading system called GradeMark. Teachers can leave written or voice comments. And if it’s an assignment, students will be notified via email to submit their assignment.

Last but not least, for discussion purposes, meetings can be hosted.


Smallseotools takes pride in being trusted by thousands of teachers and learners. Like many top-notch detectors, it also searches deeply for plagiarism.

It allows checking nearly 15000 words for free. Along with a plagiarism checker, it also has a grammar checker and a word counter which can be helpful for teachers.

If the checker thinks they know where the student copied from and wants to make sure, they can use a plagiarism comparison search between the paper and the source. It will tell them which parts of the original work are plagiarized.

The tool comes in the form of a plug-in, widget, and API which makes it easy and fast to use.


Copyscape is a beautifully designed plagiarism checker. They claim to search from millions of online sources and databases and to have helped over a million teachers and students.

It is not free and the teacher needs to sign up before using it. It allows copy-pasting and documents of many formats to upload. On the positive side, teachers can use it as a widget on their class web page.

It ensures users of their privacy and searches with, what they call, lightning speed. The colored feature allows you to know which parts are copied and even shows the pages from where the words were copied from.

It has been rated 5 stars by many users. The previous version was free but the updated version comes in the only premium plan.


This plagiarism checker is also very accurate. It gives a detailed report of the scan which includes scores as well as grammatical errors.

Not only it gives you a score but based on the score tells you the grade of your content’s originality.

In addition to that, this tool’s similarity report tells how closely copied the pasted text is to a visible matched source.

To see the result, the user needs to create an account. Other than that, it is free.


Unicheck is also a very reliable tool for teachers and educators when it comes to checking papers for copied content.

It scans over 16 billion documents present on the internet. It is trusted by millions of people. This tool also checks for any similarity in academic papers against online stored libraries and educational databases.

Unlike Prepost, Unicheck’s plagiarism checker works after you buy any of their plans after three weeks of a free trial.

Unicheck can be added to online learning platforms like Google Classroom and Moodle. It accepts multiple formats of documents like docs, pdf e.t.c.


It is the duty of a teacher to give deserving grades to their students. Some students work really hard to earn trust and get good grades. While some do so by plagiarising.

If both types of students get equal marks, it will be unfair to the hard workers. And maybe next time, they will not even try to put in some effort.

This is the reason behind checking academic papers for any sort of plagiarism. Because an educator, honest to their profession, will hate to give students credit for what they didn’t do.

Teachers can use any of the above-mentioned tools according to their requirements.

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