London, UK, 2nd Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The Blueprint Capital broker says that this week has been exciting, to say the least. Despite all of these ups and downs in consumer stocks we see them continuing their winning streak on Wall Street today!

Already this week we’ve seen the Dow Jones Industrial Average go up by over 400 points, but what is even more exciting is that all of these consumer stocks are on track for huge 2021 gains! Best to stocks like Group Ltd., Costco Wholesale Corporation, Vail Resorts Inc., and Beyond Meat Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND) I expect 2021 stock growth in 2021 to continue its winning streak throughout 2021 with 2021 projections for 2021 growth.

The past few months have been amazing for retailers. The August retail sales figures showed that the industry is still strong and consumers seem willing to spend money on clothes, houses, etc., which means there’s plenty of business leftover! This news couldn’t come at a better time as it follows in contrast with other indicators such as widespread growth within stock markets across America where many investors believe we’re headed towards an economic recovery soon enough…


Roku, a company that specializes in streaming media devices for TV and film/TV shows has been given a thumbs up by Guggenheim analyst Michael Morris. He hit them with an upgrade to Buy rating as well at $395 per share which is very compelling news!

This will allow investors who have long waited patiently on this stock-an investment worth waiting over five years ago now if you recall correctly from our first article about it back when its IPO was happening-to finally to get their hands dirty again because I cannot imagine anyone holding onto these stocks forever or even close without being confident enough where there’s money left behind after taking risks elsewhere (like investing).

This is truly exciting news for investors who have waited long enough to finally turn the lights on and jump back into this stock, but it might be important to wait just a bit longer since Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: TCOM) could go up even more after hitting $130 per share, which has already happened before against its current price of $138 bucks.

Costco Wholesale Corporation:

The future looks very bright for stocks like Costco Wholesale Corporation (Premium Brands Holding Corp.) as many people are optimistic about how well Canada’s economy will eventually do down the road, especially given the fact that it’s one of the biggest economies! There are plenty of reasons why you should still think about investing in Premium Brands Holding Corp., even though it doesn’t seem to be going up anytime soon.

Vail Resorts Inc.:

Vail Resorts Inc., a stock that has been doing very well for a number of years now, is due to impress investors with its 2020 goals and growth projections.

Stitch Fix Inc:

Stitch Fix Inc. (NASDAQ: SFIX) is not an automatic buy yet either because it’s also been stagnating on the market for months now, but I believe that Senator Investment Group still likes them enough to add them into Senvest Fund Dividend Stock Alert Newsletter portfolio next year!

Tripadvisor Ltd.:

For reasons unknown though there are always going to be stocks, you have to avoid at any costs no matter what industry they represent or how good their fundamentals look. Tripadvisor Ltd. (ADR) (NASDAQ: TRIP) is a good example of such a stock. This stock has been underperforming the market lately and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything investors can do about this because we’re all stuck holding onto them until the price goes up again!


Nike recently announced that their first-quarter earnings per share were $1.16 on revenue of 12.25 billion for the quarter, versus estimates of 1 cent and $12 million respectively (as reported by Bloomberg). This is an interesting shift in Nike’s strategic direction following last year’s Colin Kaepernick ad campaign which caused them to see record growth rates among African American customers but incurred high costs as well because many shoppers’ boycotted products after his name became associated with walking off the field rather than standing during pregame ceremonies. They still seem committed though; recent ads put out showed multiple generations enjoying family time together while wearing shoes from two different brands – clearly showing they were able to run into another five years of growth in their stock value.

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