London, UK, 4 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The best stocks to buy now are Airbnb and Snap. These companies have a successful track record of increasing their revenue over time. They also make for great long-term investments because they’re well established with consistently high profits that will only grow as the years go on.

Following the coronavirus’ bear market, stocks have rebounded. The strong action reflects rising confidence that the economy will eventually recover from this disease. The case of Covid remains a concern, but as more and more Americans are vaccinated against it the number has tumbled. However, rising cases of Delta virus is an emerging worry in 2019.

The broker from The Blueprint Capital has enlisted the best stocks to buy. These companies have a successful track record of increasing their revenue over time and make for great long-term investments because they’re well established with consistently high profits that will only grow as the years go on.

1. Airbnb, Inc. ($31/share)

2. Snap, Inc. ($10/share)

  • Airbnb Stock:

Airbnb shares are trading above its 152.86 buy point after falling beneath it in a sharp move Thursday. The stock’s breakout Wednesday came with conviction and strong volume, which is positive sign for the company going forward.

Among some concerns we have was that Airbnb’s relative strength line declined recently even though it had popped early last week, but this key gauge reflects how well a stock has performed compared to the broader S&P 500 so improvement will be important moving ahead…

Airbnb is one of the best stocks to buy now and a solid long-term investment. The online travel company has been growing tremendously over the last couple years as it expands its global footprint and gains more popularity in the world. It’s also seeing success with its homesharing service, which is making up more than half of its revenue stream at this point. In line with these facts, we’re confident about Airbnb’s stock prospects for 2021 and beyond as it takes advantage of an ever-expanding travel market and benefits from increased user interest in sharing homes instead of traditional hotels.

Despite an overall poor performance, Big Money is getting behind the stock. This matters because Institutional Sponsorship stands for one of seven components in I CAN SLIM®, a method developed by William O’Neil to identify winning stocks during bull markets.”

Strathmore Minerals is currently at an A/D rating of B-. Institutions have been moderately buying the stock over the past 13 weeks. In addition, Strathmore has had two consecutive quarters where fund ownership increased rapidly from 24% to 36%.

Airbnb’s initial public offering plans were thrown into chaos by the coronavirus pandemic. Not only was the U.S economy hard, but tourism industry (in general) suffered greatly as well due to decreased spending and travel during this time period. Airbnb — along with airlines, hotels and travel booking companies saw their sales plummet in 2020 Q2 by 72%.

On December 12, Airbnb launched its IPO that raised $3.5 billion and created history by making the largest debut of any company in 2018. The stock soared beyond heightened expectations on January 10 when it opened at more than 100% above its initial valuation price setting a new milestone for other companies to follow suit next year as well.

  • Snap Stock:

Snap stock managed to break a short trend line, which offered Thursday’s intraday high of 74.95 as an entry point after aggressively gapping above the long consolidation buy zone at 73.69 on Tuesday morning following its first earnings release and conference call since going public in March 2017… Snap also has a flat base with a 79.28 entry from earlier this month that won’t show up on MarketSmith pattern recognition due to the Aug 10 pop to 80.85 but we know it reversed lower because when trading higher for example between June 5-Aug 3 there is no need for support or resistance lines so you can have them run right into each other as they did here before coming back down.

The relative strength line for Snap stock extended its break after a sharp post-earnings spike. Investors will want to see it build momentum here in order to stay positive on the shares, which continue trading above their 21-day exponential moving average (EMA).

Snap, Inc. has a Composite Rating of 92 out of 100 and is the company’s stock market performance this year far exceeds their earnings growth over time. The S&P 500 increased by about 20% in comparison to SNAP’s 52%. Institutional support for Snap was solid since it had eight consecutive quarters increasing fund ownership (Accumulation/Distribution rating=C+). 50% percent of stocks are held by funds overall.

Mid-May saw Snap introduce its first smart glasses called Spectacles. The company previously released camera-embedded sunglasses under the same name, adding to their impressive track record of releasing new products as listed in an article by New America featured earlier this year.

One of the new features from Snap, Inc. is called “TrueSize.” It’s a feature that allows shoppers to use augmented reality technology and see how products look on them without needing any special equipment or tools. The likes of Nike (NKE), clothing company Farfetch (FTCH), and watchmaker Piaget are fans of this feature, which many other companies have been using as well.

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