Via ZEXPR, The broker from The Investment Centre, Michael Cohen, says that if you’re looking for all coins with a high probability of performing exceptionally well in April, you’re in the right place. Before we jump into this month’s top picks and let’s see some other coins that performed well in the last month of March, coins including ORN, COTI, and

If compared between these three, came in third with a solid 58% gain, followed by ORN, which gave us a nice 131% increase, and COTI shattered both by giving us an impressive 176% increase in the past 30 days.

If you need some gains now, you know what they say about April; it’s the month for all coins to shine. Considering only two months out of the past 10 years, Bitcoin closed the month of April in a negative downturn. That means all coins have followed for all of those 11 years, and analysts wouldn’t be surprised if this year is the same, considering the market sentiment is so bullish right now.

However, this month, first on the list, analysts have an all-time favorite, “altcoin.” Analysts declared as their number one came for 2021.


This one comes as a surprise for analysts as it wasn’t planned to be on this list. But then some earth-shattering news was released during the enterprise Ethereum alliance. The CEO of UNIBRIGHT’s joint partner explained what we can expect throughout 2021 in early 2022.

To say it was jaw-dropping is an understatement. Kyle Thomas said that they will be launching shuttle version one in June of this year. This will essentially allow enterprise clients to start using provide and UNIBRIGHT services, but that’s the least exciting part of this news. Kyle revealed that the newest clients will be using their services. This includes the infamous Microsoft, the almighty Google, Fortune 500 Accenture, and Target. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have their current significant clients like Coca-Cola’s largest bottler in North American-CONA and ServiceNow. That will be bringing over their clients such as ICE, which owns the New York Stock exchange, Deloitte, Adidas 7Eleven, the NBA, and thousands more.

All these clients are expected to go live in June except Accenture and target. As they appeared to be coming in January of 2022. Kyle went on to emphasize that when their client Cona, they have seen massive success with their pilot program, which has included:

  • $650 million in tokenized invoices in 2021
  • $100 million-plus per year in operational cost savings
  • 97% reduction in disputes
  • and they also plan to expand to 68 independent bottlers in North America with the ambition to expand globally.

That statement alone can quickly push the UBT token into the top ten in no time. Considering that they are still under a 250 million market cap with their total supply circulating, a depreciating tokenomics structure, and UBT staking coming later this year, analysts firmly believe that this will be the best performing crypto in 2021.

Next on the list, we have crypto yet to be discussed, but considering how much they have to go on in April and proper not to include it.


Those not familiar with SYNTROPY are transforming the public Internet into a secure and user-centric Internet. Where encryption and streamlined execution are implicit and naturally empowered for everything without exception associated with it. Keep in mind that these are simple overviews of what’s to be expected in April. So if you do have interest in any of these, all coins analysts say you should do for the research before putting your hard-earned money on the line.

For April, SYNTROPY will be very busy as they have 10 developments expected to be released by the end of the month. These include:


When SYNTROPY stated that the next two months will be 60 days of growth for the ecosystem, we should assume that the NOIA token will grow, especially since it has a measly market cap of $280 million and is only offered on Uniswap.

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