The Center A Place of Hope Reviews Healthy Social Networking Strategies This Month

Edmonds, WA, 2nd March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The month of March is a pivotal month. March 20, 2022, brings the Spring Equinox and a spirit of renewal along with it. For many, the feelings of seasonal depression may start to wane. This month, The Center • A Place of Hope reviews key steps to promote being healthy online and avoiding the depression that may be caused by Social Media.

Despite its flaws and dangers, social media has a lot of benefits. Social networking is a wonderful place to get ideas and solutions for issues. People may use social media to stay in touch with distant relatives or old friends.

How does one get the advantages without jeopardizing self-esteem, mental health, or real-life connections? Even with a cautious, aware approach to social media usage, there are several dangers, including depression. Healthy, balanced social media use is unlikely to happen by itself. Unchecked, it can slowly erode life in ways never expected or agreed to. When it comes to social media, one must be intentional about adopting tactics that will help them experience a healthy relationship with it.

Take action today to be healthy online and avoid depression.

Dr. Gregory Jantz of The Center • A Place of HOPE says: “a person must start by determining why they spend so much time on social media. Do they seek something? Or are they bored? When someone likes a post, maybe it’s dopamine. Being conscious of the “why” helps them to meet those needs in a healthier way”. The next step is to recognize the underlying feelings. “How do they feel after using social media?” Jantz says that their emotions reveal a lot about how social media affects them.

Key points:

  • The redeeming features of social media are keeping in touch with distant relatives or old pals.
  • It’s critical to have a solid social media engagement plan.
  • Escape the pitfalls of social media by setting time limits and spending time with real-life pals.

Healthy Social Media Use Tips

Create an uplifting experience. Social media algorithms personalize an individual’s experience depending on prior viewings. So be deliberate in clicks. Choose uplifting posts to start modifying the content stream.

Find healthy substitutes. More can be done online than just browsing social media. Take an online class, watch a workout video, study a new language, or listen to a podcast.

Make plans with real-life pals. Online communication lacks nonverbal indicators and deeper connections. Real-life relationships help us feel connected, needed, and known.

Use social media sparingly. Try limiting social media usage to specified times, like during a lunch break or after dinner. Adding an activity to the day might also reduce online temptation.

Detox from social media. Observe a one-week social media detox Begin by identifying an accountability buddy. Delete social networking apps from devices to avoid temptation. Bring back other lost gadgets like alarm clocks and watches. A detox doesn’t have to be long, just long enough to help form new behaviors.

Social media has a lot of potential. But just as too much of anything can be bad, too much of anything may also be harmful. In reality, the genuine advantages of social networking might prevent us from recognizing the actual hazards.

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