The Collective Announces Partnership with Vodra

Mbombela, South Africa, 20th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The Collective is pleased to announce its partnership with Vodra, a blockchain project directed to support content creators to help them pursue their passion while being compensated with their work. Rather than going for corporations, Vodra targets an entirely different community compared to other blockchain projects in the market.

Vodra started its journey in late 2020, evolving exponentially ever since laying its foundation in the blockchain community. The project realized the percentage of contributions each content creator could not accumulate from their developed content. While understanding how social media has been lacking throughout its inception and evolution, Vodra looked forward to benefiting the specific community group responsible for connecting and entertaining the people worldwide through this very platform.

The Collective joined hands with Vodra to help the company grow its goals and increase its reach in the online community. This partnership is based on working together to help build and develop their project by sharing resources and knowledge. The Collective helps projects incubate, grow, and develop projects and assist them with making meaningful connections in the crypto sphere.

About Vodra

Since its launch, Vodra has been focused on building a better communal system for the content creators rather than corporations. Where platforms like YouTube and Twitch gained 45% of the revenue generated from the creators’ content, Vodra realized the necessity to exempt this and provide fair compensations to those working for the community’s subsistence. Free online entertainment is only supported through advertising, over which Vodra believes in providing complete compensation.

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About The Collective

The Collective Group is a community-centered organization working in the blockchain community, helping projects get hands-on experience to exponential growth in the digital ecosystem. The project believes in helping and guiding projects to digital supremacy, providing them adequate and knowledgeable resources to help them feature their project perfectly under their respective use cases. The Collective has been working with numerous projects, helping them build the digital community altogether. The Collective has also developed its dedicated game, CoinRushGo, which shows that it is here to give a statement.

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Published On: December 20, 2021